Start a Residential Painting Business

Do you take pleasure in painting? What are the things you will need before you can start a residential painting business?

Is this a profitable business with low cost capital?

If you are an economical business person, this residential painting business is an excellent option for the reason that it only requires a low investment. This residential painting is a rewarding and profitable business that will provide continuous profit.

Starting your own Residential Painting Business

Purchase the painting supplies and tools that you will need. If your cash on hand is insufficient you may want to consider applying for a loan or opening a credit line from the supplier, just for the mean time. This will help you purchase the things that you will need.

Choose a name for your residential painting business, have it registered and obtain licensed and permits. This needs to be done first before you accommodate any painting job.

Secure a place where you can occupy as your office, where you can receive and accommodate clients. For more savings you may secure an area at home until such time that you may maintain a commercial place.

You may have a computer handy and some office equipments where you can store your files, a phone line, tables and chairs and other office equipment just for essential office set up.

You may hire staff who are knowledgeable and has skills in painting, make sure that you will have some background checking, as you will held accountable incase something goes wrong while they are working and be protected from theft as well.

Acquire for insurance for you, for the company and for the workers as protection incase any emergency will take place.

Initiate promotion to increase business publicity. Provide fliers, brochures, give out calling cards that state your service. Place ads at local newspaper or at Yellow pages where customers can easily find you.

You may also seek the help of recognized or well-known investors or agents at real estate companies. They will help you find customers who require service of painters. You can also ask recommendation from existing clients for referrals.

Once your business is in the mid of achievement you may purchase a truck were you can place your tools and supplies for easier hauling.

Painting Tools and Supplies that you will need:

Brushes, can openers, drop cloth, edger’s and corner painting, extension handles, faux painting tools and accessories, paint sticks, paint strainers, plastic sheeting, rust removers, spreader screens, scaring tools, trim guards, wood fillers, window scrapers and rollers. These are just basic painting tools that you will use.

The demand for residential painting is enormous. There are various schools that offer and teach how to manage residential painting business and the passion it self is the key to be successful in this field.


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