How to Write a Service Proposal

If you are planning to make a service proposal, start by collecting useful information. Earn profit, save money and time by making a good service plan.

This article tackles about how you can make a good service proposal for your business.

Business proposal is a type of document that contains the line of services or products provided by a company or business written to persuade another individual or business company to avail their products. A comprehensive and well organized proposal can surely get the approval it seeks. That is why it is very important to spend some time on making the proposal standout and be as competitive as it can be. This can save the company lots of time and money as this material can be used again and again if it turns out to be well made. Here are some tips on how you can make an effective service proposal for your business.

Writing a Service Proposal

Make an attractive yet professional title page for your business proposal. The name of the company, its logo, and tag line, address and contact information should be included. It should also highlight the name of the person who created the proposal and who is it proposed to. Proper designation of title is needed. For a more comprehensive view, make a table of contents and place a number for each page. Write the summary including the overview of the proposal. The company’s goals and objectives should be clearly stated and the offered products and services as well. Know about your prospective client and include it in the proposal, state how your products and services can help their goals and mission. Providing comprehensive information shows that you care about their needs. Somehow, it gains the trust of you prospective client towards you.

Provide a breakdown of the cost of your product because your client might be interested to know if your price is fair enough. It shows your client what she is paying for and the basis for its cost. It is good to market your assets. If you are to offer service, then it is best if you would introduce your best staff for contracted service. You could include their resume in the proposal. By giving your best staff on the line, you can gain the trust of your client and their approval.

Include a draft of contract. By doing so, your client is given an overview about the prospective contract plus chances to make inquiries and make adjustments if they please. You can review the service or product that is offered by your company, the cost and the length of contract. You can also clarify payment terms that would be fair for both parties. This section may also be useful in negotiating with the client. It also gives a starting point where you and the client can discuss the terms of business transaction.


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