How to Start Booking Agency

Concerts are very popular these days and without a doubt, one can make more money out of it. That is the reason why booking agencies are already thriving.

There are several steps that one can follow on how to start a booking agency, just in case booking agency is the kind of business that you would like to venture in.

It is not a secret that many people love to watch and listen to live music. However, the idea of arranging concerts is hardly ever considered. However, every show comes with transactions with complex layer that occur just beneath its surface.

Tips to Start Booking Agency

Many national booking companies handle almost all of the business while for the majority of booking agencies will not be able to work with talents if there are no distribution nationally. This only says that plenty of rooms are being left for the parties that are interested to facilitate and profit from a neophyte talent who is not yet managed by the major music corporation. Knowing the basic things about how to start a booking agency can be very helpful for those who are thinking of becoming booking agents and even for the performers and musicians who want to take some risk on their very own distribution.

What you should do first is to be a buyer of concerts. One of the many ways of making a name in this booking business is by offering the services that you have in the facility of booking a particular show. Bars and other kinds of venues that feature live performance frequently usually have a designated staff member who takes care of all the aspects involved in booking of shows. With this person should a booking agent work closely to arrange the show for the clients and make the experience of being a concert buyer to be something valuable in the process of choosing the best venue. One should learn to develop a good relationship with the local venues. At first, it might seem that the most important step is to have a band to book but in reality, the venue should be at the top of the list. Once you know the venue, you will be able to convince the band members that you will be able to book their gigs and serve them efficiently. Know the bar and restaurant managers to help you in your career as a booking agent.

You will be able to convince a venue to pursue an act if you are also confident in the group whom you are representing for. The usual ideal places where you can find good acts are in college shows. Once you have the right group, the next thing to do is find a promoter or if you want, you can produce the show yourself.

This time, you must already negotiate your terms. Since your profit is a part of the gross of your talent, make sure that the terms are amenable to both parties. There must be a written performance agreement made before the start of the show so that there will be no problems for you and your talents.

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  • thomas mccloud said on May 1, 2012
    Just looking for helpful info in starting a booking agency. My dream is to produce live shows in different venues. Don't know where to start. Thanks


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