How to Write a Service Agreement

Written agreement serves as legal binding documents that identify the obligations of the parties involved. The agreement is indisputable because of the terms and conditions as well as the laws governing the agreement.

Knowing how to write a service agreement can protect the interest of both parties.

Writing a service agreement is an important factor to remember when getting into a contract. This is because the agreement is a legal document that binds all parties to follow everything stated in the agreement. No one can rebuke the agreement once it is signed by all parties. In this sense, it is recommended that before signing the agreement all the parties concerned should read and understand carefully what is written in the service agreement. This way possible issue can be avoided.

Writing the Scope of the Service Agreement

The first thing to do when writing a service agreement is to determine the scope of services. Included in the agreement is the objective of the agreement, stakeholders, management unit and primary contact, desired output of the project as well as the expected work that corresponds to the completion time table. Likewise, you need to state the standard operating procedures set by the company and its policies. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that some gaps of information might arise that is why you should make a project summary that can address the inconsistency before implementing the agreement. In addition, it is also important to rise out the negative aspects of the project summary in such a way that all parties involved will be aware about the weak spots and other existing barriers. In this sense, conducting a meeting is necessary so that all people involved can discuss and eliminate the unwanted elements.

On the other hand, after establishing the scope of services, another important factor to consider in writing an agreement is the duration and extent of the agreement. Apparently, any agreement has its own deadlines when the service should be done and terminated. You can decide whether the deadlines are flexible or not. In like manner, it is good to take into consideration the terms in case dispute arises that needs legal remedy. In this sense, it is necessary to identify the state’s law that would govern the dispute.

Once every detail is settled, you should take time reviewing the documents before the approval. Reviewing the documents can help ensure that each criterion is addressed well. Likewise, see to it that all the inconsistencies and gaps are resolved. In case that everything in the agreement is checked you can proceed to the final writing of the service agreement. However, you should wait for the approval of all the officials. Once the service agreement is finally written, a meeting should be called so that all the concerned parties can sign the agreement.


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