Starting a Pool Cleaning Business

Starting a pool cleaning service business is ideal for individuals who wish to start their own business especially in places where there are a lot of pools. Knowledge in pools is also recommended to gain an advantage.

In starting a pool cleaning business, the first thing one should take care of is the business license.

This license will serve as your legal protection and will let you purchase supplies at a wholesale price. Consider your license as one of your assets because clients prefer businesses with permits to ensure that they are in safe hands.

To secure your business permit, you can go to your local city hall and inquire about the necessary requirements in starting a pool cleaning service business. Alternatively, you can seek help from a lawyer with regards to the legalities entailed in a pool cleaning business.

Once you already have acquired your business license, the next thing you should do is to purchase the materials needed in pool cleaning. Materials such as pool skimmer, test kits, chemicals used to clean pools, and a vehicle large enough to carry all those materials. To have the best deal on the materials, you can shop around and compare prices. Determine which supplier offers the best materials at a considerable price.

After having the necessary materials and equipments, you are now ready to start your business. But the problem you might encounter is how to gain clients. You can do this by advertising your business. You can print business cards or flyers. Another way is to tell your friends that you have a pool cleaning service business and offer them incentives if they will recommended you business to their friends who have pools. Once you have serviced a client, make sure that you will give them the satisfaction that they deserve. Through this, you will gain their trust and they will become your patron. If you are lucky enough, they will recommend your business to their friends. This form of advertisement is known as “word of mouth” wherein you do not have to do the advertising yourself but let your business advertise for itself by giving your customers satisfaction.

In any type of business, insurance is an important thing to consider. Insurance will protect your finances in times of trouble. You can seek help from people who actually own a pool cleaning business on what type of insurance you should get. You can also shop around for insurance company and determine which one offers the best insurance policy.

Also take note of the workers you hire. Your employees should have at least basic knowledge in cleaning pools. This is to ensure that your business is well represented whenever you service a client. At first, you should only hire a small number of employees because you do not need them yet. You can just hire additional help at the time your business begins to prosper and gain more clients.


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