How to Get Business Permit

Running a business is a serious work. There are many things that you need to address during startup. It is vital that you file for licenses and permits. You need to know that these two things are different and depending on the business you’re starting, you will need them both.

Coordinate with local councils or agencies to know the requirements.

Getting a Business Permit

Starting a business can be easy for those with adequate experience. However, for the first-timers, it would be better if they are assisted with a competent lawyer. Getting a business permit and license involves complicated procedures and documents. With an experienced professional, you can get things done in no time. When you invest on the legal fees, you can save a lot of money in the future because you will have fewer chances of encountering legal issues or problems. You need to be aware that there are local and state permits that you need to obtain to operate a legit business.

Without a license or permit, you’re running an illegal business and it entails a lot of risk. Among the local permits that you need to obtain are the zoning compliance permit and the remodeling permit. The latter is needed when you plan to remodel the business space. This is vital to ensure that the new structure complies with the local building codes. The state permits are only necessary for certain occupations like accountants, appraisers, building contractors, etc. In the US, a federal permit is required for broadcasting, ground transportation, rug manufacturing, and preparation of meat products, selling firearms, and investment advising.

Other Considerations

A seller’s permit is also called a certificate of authority or resale. With this permit, you can collect the sales tax from customers. This permit is not similar to the business license and it is needed when you’re in the retail business. You can inquire about this permit from the Franchise Tax Board, Sales Tax Commission, and the Board of Equalization. Business permits usually vary and will depend on factors like your location and the type of business you’re doing. The rules and regulations imposed by the state or country on the compliance of businesses should be observed carefully. Never go into a business without first applying for a license and/or permit.

You can check with the local council in your place to determine the needed licenses and permits. These two things usually go hand in hand. Again, it was mentioned earlier that the business license is different from that of permits like the zoning, sellers, and many others. You have to identify the ones you need to obtain and submit the required documents. Fees are usually asked by the local council or the agency concerned, so be prepared by setting aside a certain amount. You will never regret your applications for permits or licenses. In fact, this will allow you to protect your investments and your customers.


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