How to Start a Button Business

Button Business is perhaps one of the cheapest ventures there is. This is best suited for family business.

Though it is considered to be inexpensive, its profits are immense. You’ll just need to have the right scheming plans for it to be profitable.

Things to Know About Button Business

Button business is simply about making and designing buttons. Buttons are commonly used for fastening and ornamenting clothes. It is worn by every individual on all walks of life, poor or rich. This is why it has a high rate of profitability. As a matter of fact, this has been the most flourishing business during the 16th century. Buttons that time has been the symbol of wealth. They have been attached with diamond and jewelries during those times. From that till now, it is still one of the business which is fun and money-making. Fun because you can create your own style of buttons. You can let your imagination go wild while designing such item. It is money-making because people who have seen your creations will appreciate it. It will be remembered by them and may refer you to other prospective customers.

Moreover, there is nearly thousands of occasions for you to create and sell these buttons. There are events which call for the artistic design and a vast supply of buttons. Examples of these events are election campaign, school programs, and recreational sports. Buttons used in campaigns are those which are usually given by the candidates to their supporters. During these events, mass-produced buttons are needed. Imagine the profit that you will earn by one single event. What more if there are many. There are also people who make it a hobby of collecting varieties of buttons.

Materials Needed

First material that you need in the button business is what they commonly refer as ‘button maker machine’ or ‘button machine’. These machines are not that expensive compared to others. Other materials will have to vary on what design you want to put on the buttons that you will create. These materials are plastics for the front of the button, casings, colored papers, embroideries, and many more.

The Key to Your Success

The very key for your button business to be successful is the way you advertise it to the public. The advantage of advertisement is the number of people who will recognize your business. They might become your regular customers once they are impressed with your handy work. So, it won’t hurt to spend a little investment on your advertisement. Remember that it is solely for the own good of your business. Once you’ve just started, try sending out flyers first. You may personally do this together with a family member just to save money from hiring someone. And once you do it personally, never forget to smile. No matter how tired you are. Always be courteous and throw out all the charm that you have.


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