How to Start a Mattress Recycling Business

There are several ways on how you can start your business at home or in any other place.

Mattress recycling business can help you a lot in making more profit due to its high value and demand in the marketplace.

All people need a mattress and a set of box spring to have a sound sleep. Some mattresses are not long lasting and sometimes, they only last for about eight to ten years. Despite of the many retailers of mattresses in the market, some customers still want to purchase from any independent retailer. So, looking for ways on how you can set up your mattress recycling business is a perfect thing to do due to the unlimited demand of the people. However, it would be more profitable if you will choose to run it at home.

Discover the Ways

Setting up your own recycling business can be done in various ways. First, you have to obtain a documentation of your business in your state and city. Then, you have to find a place where you will get the used mattresses for your business. After that, decide whether you will buy recycled mattress for your business or not. A box of spring set and a mattress will always be needed if you will put up a business.

Sources for the Business

You can have sources from different places and establishments. Some of the owners are not using anymore their old mattress because they have their new ones. So, you can just buy their mattress in just a cheap price. Schools, hospitals, offices and some buildings for establishment also have mattress. You can deal with the owners of those establishments and be able to get some requests.

Reasons to Start Up

Setting up this kind of business can be better for you and for environment. Since it is about recycling, you can conserve and preserve the old ones. This is very environment-friendly. Thus, you cannot even notice that you are also earning. As time goes on, you will have more profits. This type of business is also in demand in the circulation since many customers are now looking for cheaper mattresses.

Factors to Consider in Putting up this Kind of Business

There are some factors in setting up a mattress recycling business. The first thing that you need to consider is the source of the mattresses and box springs. You also have to think of the appropriate location so that your business will be more profitable that what you have always expected.


  • larry visgar said on November 10, 2013
    I'm interested in starting a mattress recycling facility, I'M requesting information on how to make that happen, And different places to take or sell the materials
  • Andy markham-jenkins said on July 8, 2015
    Newtoft, market rasen, Lincolnshire, ln83nn, England
  • David alki said on April 11, 2022
    Please contact me today at 1 (310) 703-7575: David Alki, local billionaire. I need to open new recycling centers around the world. Thank you, n I can't wait to hear from you. Please direct me to the best recycling company. I am worth two .5 billion. Call me today


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