Writing an Audit Report

An audit report is prepared to check the accuracy and validity of financial information of a firm, business, or an entity.

In writing an audit report, you must consider several things. One of which are the entities concerned.

 Make sure that they will be able to easily understand your report by organizing and presenting your findings. Also, planning your report will help you in making a successful one. Your report should also have an impact on your readers; try to make uninteresting subject matter interesting.

In writing audit report, transparency is an important thing. You must include in your report all of the transactions that may have an effect to the financial position of a business or an entity. If in any case that you come across with fraudulent transactions, never hesitate to include it in your report but make sure you will not walk on another person’s rights to due process.

Also, including in your audit report visual presentation of data will make your report lively. Reading audit reports with visual aids is more interesting than just reading a plain black and white document.

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The most important thing you should never forget in writing an audit report is reviewing your work. This will ensure the quality of your audit report. Presentation without reviewing your audit report could lead into undesirable things to happen such as in the event of inconsistencies on your report.

To make your audit report reader-friendly, here are the steps that you need to do:

  • Always make a front page. This page should include the name of the organization, business, or entity. It should also contain the title of the audit report itself and the date. If your audit report is more than five pages, consider including table of contents.
  • Make the first part as a summary of your findings and also your conclusion.
  • After the summary of your report, make a background summary on the reasons why you are creating the audit report itself.
  • State your objectives in preparing the audit report. This part should also contain the goals of your audit report.
  • You should also need to make available the methods you have used in preparing the audit report. This part should contain data such as the size of the population where sample had been selected.
  • Conclusion. This will be the last part of your audit report. Your conclusion should encompass the goals you have set in preparing the audit report. Always consider the people who are concerned in the audit report. Always make your conclusion easy to understand so that your readers would not have hard time in interpreting your findings and of possible use charts and graphs to make your audit report more interesting.

After going through the steps above, you should be able to prepare a good audit report. Always remember that at the end of your preparation, you need to communicate your findings to the people concerned.

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