What is the Difference between Business Management and Business Administration

There is a huge difference between business management and business administration.

If you are holding an executive or managerial position, there is a need to identify the major differences as well as similarities.

Business management falls under business administration. If you focus on this aspect, you will be dealing with the core subjects. There is also chance for you to specialize on strategic management, organization behavior, operations, marketing, business law, ethics, accounting, finance, economics, and information systems. You can learn many things from business administration like clerical operations or skills and management of human resources.

The difference between these two will usually vary from one company to another. In fact, there are companies that view it similarly. Management is focused on authority decision making, paper pushing, and clerical work. Managers are responsible for implementation of policies and strategies. It is their task to direct their staffs to the right path in order to achieve goals. There are business management courses that you can take up. You can contact local schools or accredited online universities to inquire about the courses.

Management is focused on planning, organizing, running, and managing. Companies have procedures or tasks that should be followed. As the manager, you will need to possess exceptional communication skills. You are expected to know about production, logistics, marketing, purchasing, and accounting methods, information systems, human resource, administrative practices, and decision making. As a graduate of business management, you can work in various fields such as retailing, wholesaling, transportation, administration, advertising, finance, and human resources. Job titles can include supervisor, group leader, office manager, project manager, and assistant manager.

Now that you know the difference, you will not get confused. Again, you should be reminded that these fields are similar and it’s up to the organization to establish their difference. Whichever fields you take up, you are going to hold managerial positions.

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  • Akume Peter Vande said on January 3, 2014
    I am a civil servant. i am a Nigerian; my city is Abuja, Nigeria and i read HND/accounting and want to in one these fields. pls let me know more.


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