Business Management vs. Business Administration

If you want to hold managerial position, you need to know the similarities and differences of business management and business administration. In most cases, experts treat these fields as one because of the extensive similarities.

However, if you analyze it carefully, there is a difference between the two. The business administration is broader and usually covers management.

Business Management

In the business world, business management and business administration are the same unless a certain company defines the differences. However, in most cases, management is focused more on decision making and authority whereas administration is all about clerical work or paper pushing. The identical functions of these professions make them inseparable. Managers of businesses are expected to implement strategies and policies. They are to direct subordinates in the right direction to achieve goals in the most efficient way. To become great manager, you have to take up business management courses.

When taking up the management courses, you will learn about the different aspects of the business like planning, organizing, managing, and running. Organized bodies usually have tasks and procedures that should be followed. To do this, you should also learn about proper communication, logistics, production, accounting or quantitative methods, purchasing, marketing, human resource, information systems, decision making, and administrative practices. At times, managers can also handle training programs of new or current employees. When you’re a graduate of business management, you can work in different fields like wholesaling, human resources, finance, advertising, administration, transportation, communication, and retailing. You can work as assistant manager, project manager, office manager, group leader, and supervisor.

Business Administration

What can you expect from business administration degrees? If you take up this course, you will focus more on core subjects. You can even specialize if you want to and this can include information systems, economics, finance, accounting, ethics, business law, marketing, operations, organizational behavior, and strategic management. The subjects are quite similar to the ones taken up in business management. When you graduate, you will usually encounter employers that treat these fields similarly. Business administration is broader and management is simply a part of it.

When you take up business administration, you will not only learn the clerical skills or operations but you will also learn how to manage human resources or personnel. It would be an advantage if you take up business administration. The ultimate test can be experienced once you’re already hunting for a job. You see, most companies and organizations have the same qualifications and requirements for managerial position. Whether you’re a graduate of business management or business administration, you can be hired for a managerial or supervisory position. The only factor that can affect your application is the job experience. Now that you know the distinct similarities and differences of these two fields, you can now decide which one is better. Decide now and pursue the career you want.


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