How to Start a Postal Business

Postal business is generally a mail service. It refers to delivering letters, parcel posts, and printed matters such as books, magazines, and newspapers. It is also used in the issuance of domestic and foreign money orders. In point of truth, it is used everywhere by everyone. No wonder why establishing a business like this will ensure you a lucrative venture.

However, it may be a bit difficult, that is, if you do not know how it works.

Postal Business in General

Here is good news for you. Postal business is a low-maintenance start-up venture. It is because it only requires a small space to operate. Postal businesses are usually in commercial storefronts. The storefront where your business will be located is very important to your viability. So you will have to conduct market research which will give you enough knowledge about the local demographics’ population and the foot traffic. Also, just like any other business, a postal venture needs a business plan. In this case, it must be in the form of an operational blueprint. Your business plan must include the location of your establishment and the present situation and competition in the market. You will also have to include in your plan the essential equipment of your business and the supplies and initial start-up expenses.

Start-up Tasks

The first task in starting up a business is choosing a business name. Once you register for your business name, make sure your chosen name is not similar to another, which will produce problems. Thus, make your business name unique but still catchy, one that can be easily remembered. Another task is the identification of the permits and licenses that will be needed before you can start operating your business. Requirements for acquiring such things will vary by state laws. Hence, you will have to research your state laws concerning postal establishment. You will also need to estimate the kind of business liability insurance that you will apply for and which will be necessary.

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On the other hand, you will also have to determine your pricing, deposits, and rental duration period for the mailboxes. Furthermore, policies for 24-hour mailbox access and notices concerning special deliveries, mail forwarding, and large parcel delivery must be developed. It is also a requirement for you to acquire rights for you to be a legal site drop-off and pickup point for mail couriers.

Lastly, you must secure equipment and supplies for your postal service. For example, the individual locking of small, medium, and large mailboxes will be solely for customer use. You can obtain your commercial boxes from product providers like the National Mailboxes.

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  • maria rocha said on December 14, 2010
    my business location will be at 19 th. st. and mission, San francisco, california 94110
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    Can a postal center be started without a franchise? How can I obtain more resources to start the postal counter in San Jose, CA, USA
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    Hello I'd like to hear your marketing plans please share with me.
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    can i work hand in hand with the local postal office to access clients post boxes so that i can drop them off at their(clients) door steps?
  • Helen omolara said on June 12, 2015
    Pleasant hill rd kissimmee, fl. 34747. Do I get an agency with usps or it must be a franchise first then you apply to usps
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    How can a postal center be started without a franchise?El Cajon, San Diego, CA, USA


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