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As PostNet Postal & Business Services continually rise among Top American franchises, you have the assurance that this will be a very profitable opportunity for you.

PostNet Postal and Business Services has been around for a very long time. The records would say that this business has been founded way back in 1983 by Steve Greenbaum mainly as a mail and parcel business.

Ten years after that, they also started franchising after being assisted by Brian Spindel, the company executive vice president. Since then, PostNet has been consistent in the rankings of top franchises in the country and they are continually growing in that aspect. They have definitely mastered an established system that really works that’s why they now have more than 900 franchises worldwide. Furthermore, most of their business service centers are strategically located in places where there are a lot of potential customers.

PostNet has been well-known when it comes to offering services, branching out not only in mail and parcel but also with today’s modern needs such as digital services. For example, they are offering graphic arts and designs, scanning services, computer time rental, and even receiving and converting files into different formats. Of course, they also have services such as printing and copying, making digital copies in black and white or colored. Complete services for different business needs that have to do with printing and document finishing are also staple services that their centers have.

Another welcome addition that PostNet now has is passport photo, notary, fax, signs, banners and other office supply services. But of course, they haven’t done away with the main service they have been known for. The difference now is that PostNet packing and shipping now includes DHL, UPS, FedEx and even the standard U.S. postal services. That way, they can assure customers that they will have the flexibility to fit people’s needs and budgets. All in all, PostNet has been considered to be an effective one-stop shop for many business people.

When you want to be a part of that and you plan to start PostNet Postal & Business Services Franchise, site selection should be a main priority. Again, high-traffic places should be sought after so that you would have better earnings. You should definitely determine where your prospective customers could be so you could reach them quicker. The great thing is that PostNet wouldn’t leave you alone in the selection process because they will assist you in every way. Actually, they’d even offer help in terms of construction and design.

On the other hand, your office supplies, equipments and fixtures will be provided once you franchise with them. Most importantly, they ensure accurate training and ongoing support afterwards. First, they will train you for two weeks at their headquarters and then another week at your actual location. Afterwards, you will then be officially part of the team and receive newsletters regularly. A tool-free phone number will also be provided so they will be within easy reach as often as necessary. Field visits and evaluations are also done by company representatives for more instructions.

Minimum investments are at $45,000 so you should have that amount at hand if you are really interested with availing for a PostNet Postal & Business Services Franchise.


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