Becoming an ISO Auditor

An auditor is very important to keep a business running because he performs tough roles. If you are looking for the one that will help you out in making your business keep running, there are some things that you need to know.

In this article, you will be able to benefit from the information that you will get.

You can find these ISO auditors anywhere and because they come great in number, they all claim to be ISO Qualified and ISO Certified. If you want to be one among those certified ISO auditors then here are some tips for you.

Requirements to Become an ISO Auditor

There are two kinds of auditors that perform two different roles such as the 2nd party and the external auditor as well. The former is just from within an organization or from outside that has the ability to perform internal audits for your organization. The latter are qualified and accredited, has the capability to perform registration audits for the organization. The auditors who fall into this category are usually, contracted or employed by Accreditation Bodies-certified Registrars or Auditing Companies.

In order for one to successfully become a certified ISO auditor, there is a certification process that is employed by RAB classified as Qualification Based Personnel Qualification and Competency Based Personnel Qualification. The main purpose of this process is to ascertain that auditors were able to demonstrate the competencies defined by the industry. After completing it, you can already become an ISO auditor.

A person who has an experience in being a lead auditor, he can also be an ISO auditor. Most of these ISO auditors work for auditing companies and registrars and conduct 3rd party audits.

In choosing the auditor for your organization, it is very important that you choose the right one since auditors are exactly different even though they conduct the auditing from the same ISO Standard. This variation is very important to consider when you are choosing or hiring the ISO auditor from your company. The following are the considerations that you need to follow: years of experience as an auditor, RAB/QSA Senior Auditor Status, ISO-9001:2008 qualified lead auditor status, number of registrars worked with, number of audits in the industry, years of experience in the industry, educational background and references.

Now that you already know how to hire the auditor that is right for your company, you can already ascertain its success and stability in the industry.

For those who would like to be an ISO auditor someday, they must be able to meet those qualifications so that they will succeed. It is very important to follow instructions and meet the qualifications because it will pave the way for them to be in this profession.


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