How to Start a Honeymoon Coordinator Business

A honeymoon is a bond strengthening activity for both husband and wife. It’s a chance to get away without interruptions. It’s also a great way to not only promote strong marriages but it is also a promising business venture to go into.

This honeymoon coordinating business guide will help in giving you the necessary information to start your home based operation.

Here are a few steps to push you forward to starting a profitable business.

  • Get hands on experience.
    Get hired and work at a job that will enhance your coordinating experience and skills. Build a contact list of travel hot spots, hotels with fabulous room service, popular leisure activities, great restaurant, contacts, and accessible rentals. Study discount packages your company offers and how they time it within the seasons. Practice on personally handling clients.
  • Get certified
    Take additional event planning classes. Inquire on how you could get a certification for event professionals who specialize on honeymoon coordinating. It makes you more professional. It attracts more honeymoon clients.
  • Work in your own home.
    Minimize your startup cost for a honeymoon coordinating business by working at your home. Reorganize your house spacing priorities. Provide space for a simple home office set up. Get a computer, a few chairs, a table and probably a filing cabinet.
  • Where to go? Determine the needs of your client.
    Interview your clients well. Ask them about activities they want to do individually and together. Next ask them about their preferences for traveling and places they have in mind. When will be the estimated date for their honeymoon and how much time are they allocating for it? Inquire also about their traveling documents. Get check list on their health history. Based on this information, look up your lists of packages and draw up 3-5 different trip plans. Cover modes of transportation preferences, car rental plans, personal tour guides and honeymoon hotel packages into your plan.
  • Ask for their estimated budget and offer packages.
    Since most honeymoons become the first major expense as husband and wife, it’s got to be a shared choice. Avoid getting them in debt early in their marriage life. Debt is a typical ending of most honeymoon trips. It tends to knock down the high spirits the couples have built up during the trip and pull them back to the reality of max out cards. Ask about the budget they have on mind? Then offer packages according their needs.
  • Follow-up service.
    Give them tips on packing personals based on their chosen destination honeymoon trip. Stuff like proper changes of clothes, luggage sets, local guidebooks, maps, passports, custom regulations, brochures as well as must haves like a marriage license, proof of age identification, emergency contact numbers and health plan cards.
  • Advertise your service
    Have an online marketing presence as well as off-line promotions thru newspaper ads, flyers and brochures.


  • karen said on September 17, 2012
    hey am karen in uganda,kampala. I have just finished school but would love to start up my own for honeymoons company. I would be very happy to get more information on how i can go about this and also any companies that would sponsor me financially to start. thanks and regards. Karen
  • crystal said on February 2, 2018
    I am from American Samoa, and have the perfect place for couples who want the ultimate get away. Away from the fast lane, staying on the beach in a primitive hut, no electricity, catch and hunt your own food. But how do I start?


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