How to Start a Valet Parking Business

There is only one ingredient in being successful in valet parking business: this is love for cars. As a businessman working in this field, you must have basic knowledge of car models and how to drive them.

If you have this quality, then probably you can be best in starting a valet parking business.

Experts in valet service conclude that one necessary ingredient for a successful valet parking business is love for car or automobiles. The reason for this is the fact that valets should be familiar with lots of models of cars. It is not unexpected that a client can just drive in with a Quattroporte, a four-door Maserati or a Quatro, an all-wheel drive Audi and should know how to drive them. Cars can come in with different transmission and the valets should know first-hand how to operate them. He should know how to use automatic transmission down to car technologies like seven-speed, paddle-shifted manual shifters.

If you want a venture that is minimal in over head spending and can be fun and exciting at the same time, valet parking business is the right one for you.

You Need Insurance for your Valet Parking Business

Since the volume of cars being parked in a valet parking business runs in hundreds and only several inches apart when parked, accidents to these cars is not impossible. These cars’ price usually range from $50,000 to $100,000 and anything that can happen to them, like dent and scratches on their bodies is already expensive to be remedied. Employees too are at risk of getting into an accident. This is the reason why a valet parking business should get insurance for the venture.

The insurance that a valet parking business needs is different from the usual insurance that one gets from anywhere. There is a specialized insurance that is provided for valet parking business and this should be the one you should get.

Employees Check in Valet Parking Business

Since the valets are the one who drive the cars of clients and are entrusted with all the belongings inside the car, thorough background check should be applied before an employee is hired. The danger of inside-job or theft is high in this kind of business and as an owner of the business, you must ensure the safety of all the belongings of your clients.

Solid Business Plan

It is also advised that you should have a solid business plan for your valet parking business. A good solid business plan can get your business anywhere wherein the growth of the company can be stable and sustainable.

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