Starting a Doctor Answering Service Business

What is a doctor answering service business? What are the things you will need to start this kind of business?

What are the things you need to consider before you start?

Starting a doctor answering service business is a 24-hours work, lines needs to be open at all times, as you will be accommodating calls from patients who would like to set a schedule with their physician, connect calls to the relevant doctor, and in some cases accept emergency calls as well.

Since you will be engage in answering calls for a doctor, the basic equipment that you will need is a phone line for your customers. You have to keep track of all the calls that you handled. You also have to consider if you would be requiring a toll free number or what would be the way you will be greeting your caller. There are also software in the market that will help you organized your records.
You also need to check how much the standard rate for a doctor answering service is. You may want to study other companies that offer this kind of service for you to have an idea. The charging may be based on the number of calls and the handling time. It would be better if your rates are cheaper than the usual as you may attract more customers to your business.

Starting this kind of business may require you to hire well-trained phone operators, preferably with medical background. You may start with four to six operators at the moment and may schedule them in a rotation schedule to fill the 24-hours. You need to ensure that they are professional that can also handle emergency cases, has good communication skill, pleasing voice and able to actively listen to the customer.

You may lease or may want to start at home, just make sure that the area in your home where you will place your business is noiseless, so that once your operators take in calls they will not be distracted by any sound and will clearly hear what the customer is saying. Make sure that before you start your business, all necessary license and permits or any other paperwork will be complete to allow you to operate.

Promoting your doctor answering service business will allow you to let others know that it is in existence. You may try visiting health care organization, hospitals, and doctor’s clinic and provide advantage that your company can offer them. You may want to write a blog about your business, you may use online classified ads, or social media such as twitter or facebook.
Having a doctor answering machine service will be more effective if you will be limiting your area of service. You may choose two or three states and that would be just fine, so you can focus more on what you are doing and may provide efficient customer service.


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