How to Start a Pool Service Business

Lots of time needs to be consumed when it comes to maintain the cleanliness of hot tubs, spas and swimming pools. You will be able to earn lots of money if you will venture into the pool service business since they can be found at schools, health clubs, motels and hotels and private homes.

By digesting this article, you will have more knowledge on how to run your business.

Starting a Pool Service Business

How can you function well in something which you have no know-how right? So it is very important that you know first several techniques in pool cleaning before you plan to venture into this kind of business. The supplies will also be very important since they will be used to provide an excellent service to clients. If you think that your savings in bank is not enough to be used as capital, you don’t have anything to worry about because in this business, you only need to spend less. By knowing the high quality tools and equipments to purchase such as chemicals, test kits, skimmers, hoses, nets and cleaning poles, you are rest assured to do the entire service well. In addition, you will also need a vehicle in order for all your equipments and supplies to be transported to the venue where you will be doing your service.

Certifications also need to be obtained so that you can professionally and legally provide service to pools in the public. So, you need to pay a visit to the health department in your locality to know them. You also need to bear in mind that these requirements differ in every state. You also need to track all your financial transactions so that you can target a larger market to give you more profits.

Tips to Start Pool Service Business

After getting all the necessary business licenses and permits, you need to proceed in marketing your business in a specified niche of professionals in pool maintenance. To empower your advertising process, you have to print flyers and business cards including all the services you provide. You need to mention the following to gain the trust and interest of potential customers: cleaning in a regular basis, maintaining skimmers, filters and pumps and doing weekly rounds. To make sure that they will perceive your services as client-friendly, you also need to mention that you provide chemical level and pH balance tests.

You also need to establish a good relationship with pool supply companies and pool builders so that you can always get great deals or discounts in ordering your needed tools and equipments. Through this, you will be able to cut costs in supply expenses. To do this effectively, you need to have skills both in communication and argumentation in order to convince them that you are worthy to be given what you need.


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