How to Start a Health Insurance Agency

If you are selling and providing health insurance policies, you can have an easily acquired income.

This is most especially if you are selling health insurance by group.

However, although establishing your agency is not that difficult, learning the fine points of each product in order for you to provide the best service that your clients’ demand will take time as well as effort.

When you are setting up your health insurance agency, expect for it to be quite challenging. First thing there is for you to do when venturing this kind of field is to look for training program providing a test for health insurance and sign up in them. Several states usually require for a person to take an exam first before they can acquire their license. There are also some of these states that will give you classroom training that will be you prerequisite to your test. You might want to consider taking both the health and life test on the same time. It will be useful for you later when you decide to sell other profitable products. Expect also that you will have an initial money outlay in order for you to obtain your license.

Consequently, you will need to pass the exam before you can apply and obtain your insurance license. At this point, there are forms asking you about criminal background, educational and job experience, and other basic information about you like your address which you must fill out. You must be honest when filling these forms out since the state will be conducting a background check on you.

Once you are done with this task, check online every now and then. Insurance departments nowadays do not mail it anymore. They will only offer you online printable copy. Once this is available, you have to print as many copies as you can because you are going to need them when you are applying for the right in selling the products of a health insurance company.

When insurance representatives sell products, they are usually working with three or more companies. This will be beneficial to you because if one of your clients wants to select or switch to another one, you can give them a few options. Furthermore, you are going to need heavy duty and reliable computers since the modern insurance industry today is almost online businesses. Note also that most of the companies today are requesting for the clients to make their checks payable to them directly. In this case, you have to do a separate bank account which you will use entirely for premiums. You must not co-mingle funds because it is unlawful when you deposit premium payments in your own account.


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