Tips to Start a Pharma Distribution Business

The wholesaler link in the drug distribution chain is pharmaceutical distribution. Pharmaceutical distribution businesses are the ones that purchase medicines from big suppliers such as Merck and Pfizer, then put them to warehouses and distribute them to many pharmacies out there.

Now, if you are planning in opening a pharma distribution business, there are factors for you to think about such as your target market, business plan, great venture, employees, and many others.

Create a business plan. You have to put your outline, your financial info, your financial resources, your marketing strategy, your perspective location, how to set up a website, your business legal structure, number of employees, and so on.

Think about your target market, and then pick the perfect location for your business. You can come up with few options, check each of your options and choose the best location wherein it is accessible to streets and highways and where your targeted markets can easily find you.

Get the insurance, licenses, and permits. Hire employees that you need for your pharma business. You have to hire ones that are knowledgeable with meds and can be keys to your business success.
Advertise your business. There are lots of ways to advertise your business. You can try the ones that are cheap ways to do it. Setting up a website is one of the great ways to advertise your business. There is a way to do it without spending a fortune on it. Just do your research.

Putting up a marketing campaign is a good way to make your pharma distribution business grow. From your perspective market knows more about your business and what you offer, you have to work as your own PR manager. You can make use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are millions of individuals who are making use of these sites and participating in the games that these sites entail you.

You need to calculate the business gross margin. You’ll be able to determine the efficiency of your business by looking through the costs and understanding the cost of goods sold. You have to see to it that you increase the profit margins, you can do this by purchasing in bulk, having a long-term contract with a supplier for lower cost, and so on.

You have to do your research regarding your competitors. You have to find what people are telling about them and how they build up their own business. In doing this, you can compare what you have and what you can offer from what they offer. It can be a help to your business if you try your best to be ahead of them. These are few factors that you need to take into account when opening a pharma distribution business.


  • Bikash Rana said on February 25, 2013
    Dear Sir/Mam, I am keen to operate distributionship of pharma products in Siliguri, West Bengal. I have gone through your website and I found it very informative. Furthermore I would like to understand the future prospect of operating distributionship in this region. I will remain at your disposal. Kind Regards, Bikash Rana
  • Niraj Kumar said on March 11, 2013
    I want to start medicine distribution business. Muzaffarpur, Bihar
  • gen said on April 10, 2013
    Hi there, I am really interested in owning my own distribution company because currently I am connected with a pharmaceutical. Would want to hear more to where I could scout products that are saleable and would have good movement in the market. Currently I have a list of a few products but the problem is I don't know where to start to get them at a very good price to have higher income margin. Hope to hear from you. Cheers.
  • j.nagaraja said on May 10, 2013
    i am very much interested in starting a new medical distribution agency, i had an experience of one year as a medical representative .could you plz help me to start.
  • banarsi das gupta said on May 15, 2013
    I am starting my veterinary pharma company, in North India. wants to recruit sales staff from top to bottom.
  • rakesh prajapati said on May 27, 2013
    I want to start marketing of pharmaceutical products in gujarat with contract manufacturing. What are the requirements plz suggest me. Thanks
  • vishal upadhyay said on May 29, 2013
    i am a pharmacist, presently working in a US based retail pharmacy, earlier worked in Apollo pharmacy as an executive, have a overview of the pharma retail and distribution. the question is how to get started with my own distribution unit. staying in mumbai suburbs.
  • luke smith said on June 6, 2013
    I looking for a oversees distributor to import here in U.S.
  • emmanuel said on June 8, 2013
    i am very much in interested in the pharma distribution space kindly help through the details of how to approach the supplier and the initial investment required
  • Neelesh Kumar Yadav said on July 7, 2013
    Dear sir/Madam, I am from bhilai chattisgarh. I too want to start a pharmaceutical business. Some one give me the clue for a very small scale, as i am poor with no money. As i earn, i would like to set up a business. very small one which can be affordable by me. kindly give me a simple layout? business location raipur, bhilai and bilaspur
  • SANJAY said on July 24, 2013
    HI, I am very much keen to start the pharma distribution in lucknow/ delhi. i am having the educational background of B.PHARMA as well. Please help me in guiding to take over the business. waiting eagerly for your response.
  • M.Raheel said on August 18, 2013
    SIR/Madam i'm much interested to start the pharmaceutical distribution business. But on the other hand i have limited resources. But the + point is i'm related to pharmaceutical. These are good advises But i want to more information related to distribution business.
  • George motes said on August 22, 2013
    Johannesburg, South Africa. Would like to venture into the neighboring countries as well eg Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mauritius, Walawi, Mozambique, Namibia
  • aditya boruah said on August 25, 2013
    Dear sir/madam. i am 4rm guwahati assam. i am very much interested in pharma distribution business. kindly help through the details of how to approach the supplier & the initial investment required. i want to know everything about it accept paper works.
  • manoj burkule said on October 19, 2013
    I want to start pharma distribution down kalyan, thana, mumbai. I want to know the requirement for start As semi distributor & legal procedure for the same.
  • Satyam Kumar said on November 10, 2013
    Hello Sir/ or Madam, This is Satyam Kumar from Patna, willing to have Pharma distribution company. kindly provide me the details of Pharmaceutical distribution business, how can i succeed in this. Also tell how much money do i need to invest, however i want to start from low budget. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you
  • MURIGEPPA JAVALI said on November 22, 2013
    Dear sir, i want to start pharma distribution in Hubli, Karnataka, please provide me required necessaries like drug license, Tin No, labour license and bank current ac opening details, and i want to start investing low budget and i am looking forward to here from you. Thank you.
  • Sandra said on December 31, 2013
    I want to start a pharma distribution company in the USA, what companies would I contact for contracts ? and would it be best to seek an overseas medical distributor to purchase from ? Are there companies I can contact for sample products ? Will I only require a regular business license ? or something special to distribute medication ?
  • Sanjay said on January 25, 2014
    I need a business plan/project for pharmaceuticals sales in Delhi please help me out preparing this as I have to take loan for this.
  • Prashant Gurjar said on March 4, 2014
    Hi, i stay in mumbai and i am looking forward to start a pharmacy distribution centre in south mumbai. i would want to know what kind of license i will require, how do i approach pharma co? how will i get it going? what will be the overall investment? and what would be my ROI? thanx n regards, Prashant Gurjar
  • manas subudhi said on March 12, 2014
    Dear Sir, I want to start the pharma distributorship business in bhubaneswar of leading pharma company, can you guide me whome to contact ? Secondly is it good to take pcd franchise of non leading companies of india? i have 3 years experience in medicine representative experience and i was previously working in mumbai long back, now i want to start the distributorship in bhubaneswar(orissa)
  • ASISHDEV said on March 19, 2014
    Planning to start wholesale firm at bhubaneswar, odisha. Please provide necessary tips on it. Thanks and regards.
  • siddharth sethi said on March 20, 2014
    I would like to start distribution business in delhi as consignee agent or c&F , Kindly guide on the matter
  • Shailendra said on March 31, 2014
    We are starting as a C&F and wholesale distribution in Rajasthan and looking for young and motivated persons to grow with us. Shailendra
  • peter joyce said on April 17, 2014
    hi i'm wanting to start a wholesale, distribution business in pharmaceuticals sales based in the UK can you help
  • RAVI RATNANI said on April 18, 2014
  • Chirag said on May 10, 2014
    Our client wants to sale 50 years running pharma bulk drug distribution business in Mumbai. Company is a member of bulk drug association in mumbai that typically restricts the number of firms that can operate in the drug distribution business. Thus it is very difficult for a new entrant to break into this business. Company purchases drugs from various pharma companies (Company is agents to about 10 large pharma companies in India) and sells them over South Mumbai. Clients range from small retail chemists to large hospitals and even semi-wholesalers who buy in bulk and sell in the retail markets. Recent annual turnover was INR 10 crores. The opportunity for the buyer would be to get an entry into a fast growing and stable healthcare segment in India, expand territories (expand to other parts of India) and potentially even use Mumbai as a base to export drugs to international markets. Also there is a good opportunity to increase the sales which was presently not done on account of lack of resources. Only seriously interested parties can contact on
  • ousmael said on May 14, 2014
    I am starting to establish a distributor company for Pharmaceuticals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Please send me factors to consider.
  • Manish Kumar said on May 24, 2014
    Hello friends. We r looking for C&f, distributor, dealers (District wise) for one of the emerging company with almost 25 products in all segment, we r currently looking for Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, and interested. If interested, send me mail on my Email id: Mo. 09685495245
  • Vivek chauhan said on May 26, 2014
    Hi, How get it medicine Distributor Ship in Dwarka Delhi .can u help me anybody plz 9717014232
  • vishak said on June 7, 2014
    sir.. Currently I own a medical shop, and I would like to expand my business by setting up a pharmaceutical wholesale distribution company. So i am really interested in knowing the current whereabouts like , how financially capable should I be, how much could possibly be the minimum profit, how big is the market. Please respond to this with all the details.
  • prashant kumar said on July 7, 2014
    I want to start a pharma company
  • sagar said on July 14, 2014
    sir i leaving in Solapur city .state of Maharashtra . i started business of Pharma wholesale. i am b com graduated. i have work experience in pharma line . i working in multinational company job role of medical representative. plz guidance .
  • Girish Patel said on July 19, 2014
  • MR C said on July 29, 2014
    Hello Everyone, I am in the market to either partner or purchase a pharmaceutical company for a specialized market here in the USA. Please forward me any information as to perspective businesses that would fit either of these categories. Thank you for your time and consideration. I wish you all wealth and good health. Sincerely, Mr. C
  • Maria Girlie Maghanoy-Ledesma R.N.,D.M.D. said on September 4, 2014
    I am currently running a Little business in Iligan City, Philippines under DTI business name Galera de Vahnazka (Tooth, Nails, Beauty and Tummy) part of it (convenient store is a little drug store)May I have some guides on how to put up a pharmaceutical distributorship/exclusive distributor of medicines. Thank you
  • farmini said on September 7, 2014
    Hi there, my name is George and I am running a wholesale distributor company in Greece , specialized in Selling OTC pharmaceutical products to pharmacies...I have an experience teem of reps and I am looking for companies all over the world to be their dealer .. I am looking for unique, quality products .. Is there a link or something I can look at? Thank you.
  • ASHIM PAL said on September 12, 2014
    I am ASHIM PAL having 12+ years working knowledge of medicine distributor & retails counter. Now I want my own distributorship business for Medicine but my initial investment should be Rs.50000.Can you give idea for small investment and my location is Kolkata,Westbengal. Pls help me .
  • kumar abhinay said on September 13, 2014
    hi, i am abhinay , taking care of my pharma business for last five years in bihar, looking to expand my business in unrepresented area and contact me on my cell no,9931439430
  • Dinesh kumar said on September 15, 2014
    Sir, I have a completed b.pharma and I have a choice start drug importing and exporting so plz contact 8871325016 and provide information
  • Devesh said on October 11, 2014
    I want to establish my own pharma products distribution company in Ahmedabad. Pls advice me how to start, what all Govt. documents require in Ahmedaba? How can i start business, sale and increase business. Areas of distribution of drus? Thanks & Regards, Devesh Mob #7802074424
  • amol gunjal said on October 27, 2014
    I am starting a wholesale plz guide me
  • Pankaj Uniyal said on November 1, 2014
    I want to start pharma distributorship in Dehradun. pl. inform me all essentials for this business.
  • Arnold Fernandes said on November 19, 2014
    Mumbai Maharashtra India. What are the licenses required to start an online Pharma company in Mumbai
  • Gaurang shah said on December 6, 2014
    I want to start the pharmacy distribution in jamnagar Gujarat. Plz guide me necessary information.....
  • Sateesh said on December 23, 2014
    I want to start medical distribution business in srikakulam district in Andhra pradesh. Guide me how much minimum investment required for the proper running of business in initial years.
  • naresh said on December 27, 2014
    we are a leading pharma company (chandigarh based). have a wide range of pharma products in all segments. call for pharma franchisee all over india.. contact-09216222760 or mail-
  • Faisal said on January 3, 2015
    I want to start a pharma distribution in Brisbane please advise. Anyone interested in business partner with me please advise. or sell there product or market there product please advise.
  • naresh said on January 5, 2015
    contact for pharma franchisee all over india with dpco free products in all major segments.
  • Rukhsana Mudassir said on January 10, 2015
    I Rukhsana Mudassir running my pharma business ((ABM Pharma) for 12 years with self manufacturing. Contact for pharma franchise all over Pakistan.
  • upendra said on January 11, 2015
    Dear sir/Madam, I want to start pharma whole sale business. Presently i am working in pharmaceutical company so may be i could start this business in Andhrapradesh. But I m from non pharma back ground. Please suggest me how start my business. What are the licenses are required or qualification/requirements for starting of my business. Please advise me,
  • manish kansara said on January 19, 2015
    I want to start my own wholesale pharma business. I completed my D.pharma and I did pharma marketing. now I want to start my own business. I want info regards how much finance is necessary and which license are required. pls mail me its urgent. Thanking you
  • usman farooq said on February 4, 2015
    hello dears i'm from Pakistan and looking for a medicines distribution company, i am a business graduate and have no idea of pharma so it is a kind request to plz give some tips and advices to start my business. plz share business related material in my mail box, usmanx100" thanks best regards usman
  • Anuj Gupta said on February 12, 2015
    Hello, I anuj gupta want to start medicine distribution company in sector 22, rohini, delhi. Kindly share or advice me how i setup my new business.
  • Prahlad Singh said on February 18, 2015
    hello, I am prahlad singh i have 7 years of pharma sales and marketing experience wanted to start pharma marketing company with third party manufacturing kindly suggest the process involved currently Based at haldwani uttrakhand
  • Ganesh Chiliveri said on March 3, 2015
    Dear Sir, I am working with Pharma company but my education is not at all related to science ( education is from Commerce ). I would like start self employment in pharma distribution ship. Hence guide me, whether pharma education background is necessary.
  • raja said on March 10, 2015
    Dear sir. I would to start a. Distributor in pharmaceutical. In chennai.still i dont have an idea where to start.can you help me.also what is license require. What is c&d in distributor's.please reply soon.
  • meghana said on March 22, 2015
    I want to start distributor business in pharmaceutical. I don't have any idea how to start. please guide me.
  • Indranil Ray said on March 23, 2015
    I want to start a drug distribution business.. please guide me.. I am from Guwahati, Assam, India.
  • Badal Raut said on March 25, 2015
    I am interested in the pharma business. I am currently located at mumbai, vile parle.
  • Indrajeet yadav said on April 6, 2015
    I want to start pharmaceutical wholesale business in suriyawan bhadohi uttar pradesh kindly guide me about regarding business. Thanks & Regards, Indrajeet mob-8756967242
  • Yogesh said on April 10, 2015
    Hello friends, we are manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and medicines and looking for pharmaceutical products distribution, retail markets and Marketing Representative. Please send us your detail ASAP on,
  • Yogesh Padwal said on April 17, 2015
    Hello friends I want to start my own distributorship business in pune my qualification is Bsc chemistri . SO can I get license for this on my qualification please suggest me kindly
  • Yogesh Dalvi said on April 18, 2015
    I want to start pharma distributorship in rural area near Pune City, Maharashtra. want detail information.
  • Ashvin said on April 19, 2015
    Hi friends. I live in mauritius and i am planning in creating my own distribution channel (wholesale) in pharmaceutical drugs. Please guys, do u know any pharmaceutical firms which want to expand in Mauritius. please contact me.
  • RANJAN PATEL said on May 8, 2015
    dEAR @Ashwinji; We are in planning to mfg allopathy 25 products and want to market in moretius if possible so pl be a partner with us and help us to market our brands. m 09760315509 08735871513
  • Sachin said on May 16, 2015
    want to start a distribution business at Dharwad, Karnataka.... So kindly help me out
  • dr somanath mishra said on May 21, 2015
    Sir i am a ayurved doctor and my own medical store, but i want to start a c&f of medicine company at jeypore, orissa. So plz guide me.
  • Sahil said on June 5, 2015
    Hi, I have done B Pharm and have total 8 years of experience in regulatory affairs. I want to start my own business in Gujarat Ahmedabad. Would you please guide me all necessary step and how to start and how much budget do I need? I will be more happy with partnership with anyone who already in business. I would really Appreciate your guidance. Many Thanks, Sahil
  • momammed said on June 9, 2015
    Hi Sir, I have done Master Degree in Biochemistry, looking for pharmaceutical distribution business in bangalore and chittoor Dist.places. kinldy assist me. contact no.9886059467.
  • Sachin kumar said on June 16, 2015
    We have established a pharmaceuticals company with good qualities products, we expanding of own company to all over india and abroad, Please contact me who's interesting for franchise of our companies products on "" Thank You.
  • Rakesh said on June 22, 2015
    How much investment required to open a pharmaceutical distributor in bangalore?
  • Dipta Karmakar said on June 29, 2015
    I want to start my career as Drug Distributor in Nadia District and my residence is at Dhubulia. Kindly guide me the procedure and future of this career. Thank You
  • Mogomotsi Madziba said on June 30, 2015
    Hi! I am in Botswana and have an idea of starting a pharmaceutical distribution company. I need investors especially from abroad. The potential is huge.
  • Vinod Dingale said on July 8, 2015
    Hello Team, Planning to start a distribution business in Pharmacy. Need your help as I am new to this. What is the process of registration, from where will i get the forms, what will be the License fees, and the entire process. Awaiting for your reply. Regards, Vinod Dingale
  • gopabandhu mallick said on July 11, 2015
    Hello, i am planning to startup a pharmaceutical distribution business in Cuttack. state odisha and looking for a global pharma company who invest and how much money needed for basic to startup.
  • ali gohar said on July 30, 2015
    Want to start pharma distribution with niche healthcare products. please advise
  • s.Malik said on August 10, 2015
    Sir. I am a bpharma with ten yrs of pharma retail and marketing exp now i like to start a wholesale business. pls guide me my budget is around ten lacs i am from tamil nadu 8056819515
  • manish mishra said on August 21, 2015
    Sir, I am manish mishra with ten yrs of marketing exp now i like to start a small wholesale pharma business. pls guide me my budget is around five lacs i am from madhya pradesh . 7228000406
  • Anand said on August 21, 2015
    Dear Sir, I want to start the pharma distributorship business in Varanasi (UP) of leading pharma company, can you guide me whom to contact ? i have 3 years experience in medicine representative experience and i was previously working in Delhi long back, now i want to start the distributorship in Varanasi (UP) mob. no. 9450937613
  • Purushottam said on August 31, 2015
    Dear sir, I want to start pharma distributorship business in faridabad of leading phama company can u guide me or help me for this field budget is about 10 lacs. my mob no is 9468299598. I am frm faridabad ....
  • Dharam Ashar said on September 6, 2015
    What licenses are required to start pharma distribution business.
  • Sebsibe Alemu said on September 10, 2015
    my name is sebsibe am pharmacist in ethiopia, east wollega ,nekemte i try to start my own business in wholesales try to help me in business plan
  • golden said on September 15, 2015
    I am opening the pharmaceutical wholesale business but I need funds.
  • Kartik Jain said on September 17, 2015
    I want to open pharmaceutical distribution business in Pune as I am young I want your guidance.
  • Shauib mahmood said on September 17, 2015
    Hi i want to start a distribution business give me some tips am from maharashtra district ratnagiri. Town chiplun.
  • Shuaib mahmood said on September 17, 2015
    Hi, I want to start a wholesale business of pharmacy in chiplun. Maharashtra district ratnagiri town chiplun. Can u suggest me some tips?
  • Rajendra alwar said on September 20, 2015
    Dear sir I am based at Alwar Rajasthan and want to start medical supply business with small capital of 5-7 L.I want to know how to start d business, from where I can get the supply. If require I can invest more money.Please advice
  • Yogesh said on October 1, 2015
    I would like to develop pharmaceutical distribution set up for NCR n Himachal.I have experience with Ranbaxy n 1 more pharmaceutical co.and my daughter is Dr.Thank
  • santosh said on October 12, 2015
    I am santosh from mumbai wanted to start pharma distributors business mail me details on
  • Rod said on October 16, 2015
    Hi sir,i am just starting distributing medicines here in mindanao,philippines.I am just a freelancer.I want to register my small business.What are the requirements? Thnks
  • Abhijeet khele said on October 21, 2015
    Hi sir,am thinking of starting pharma distribution business in nasik city(maharashtra state) please help me regarding process,licensing. My budget is 2-3lacs only.
  • Chris beginner adviser said on November 1, 2015
    My name is Christian and I have been in the pharmaceutical industry in the US for nearly 10 years. I have helped multiple pharmaceutical companies get started and running. I can help anyone as a consultant and will help you get accounts with multiple wholesalers (this is the hardest part). Will also help you with the compliance, and organization of the company. In the US starting capital for a pharmaceutical company is important but more important than that is the contacts that you have, since the mayor issue here is not selling the product but getting the product. If you are interested please send me an email. || Consultant

  • apar said on November 14, 2015
    Sir i want to be a dealer or stockist of phrma company products in agra.Want to take agency.Please help me n tell what its process ,money need,and other formalities. Thnks n regard Apar l
  • Ramanarayana said on November 17, 2015
    sir my b.pharm completed this year i have to start own wholesale shop.My native is Punganur, chittoor (dt),andra pradesh please suggest company to my shop distributed.
  • abhishek jaikhedkar said on November 24, 2015
    I want wholesale distributorship of pharma companies in nashik how to take pharma companies distributorship.
  • Raj Shekar said on December 2, 2015
    Dear Sir/Madam, I am keen to start a business in Pharma Distribution and I have no knowledge about these could you please guide me how to start of and where the get the information.
  • Altaf Tramboo said on December 4, 2015
    Dear Team, Kindly advise how to start this business . I am from srinagar J&K and have space about 700 sft in prime location. Thanks
  • Jason said on December 29, 2015
    Dear Team, We're looking forward to get into Online Pharmacy to cater to US, UK & Australia customers and wish to export med from India. We've a dedicated outbound sales team which is currently dialing for a client in US however we want to start up independently.We're eyeing to become a local distributor in Mumbai and similarly export med (drop ship) with help of Online Pharmacy Website and Outbound Tele calling team. Request anyone with knowledge to help us with details on how to set up this business and what are the legal requirement for the same. Feel free to contact me on
  • Pawan Pandey beginner adviser said on January 12, 2016
    Hello ,i am consultant in pharma and COSMETIC ANY TYPE HELP PLEASE CONTACT ME 9817849001 || Consultant


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