Film Distribution Business Model

In 2012, it is expected that there are over 400 films to hit the cinemas. Even though, Motion Picture Association of America as well as production outfits are quiet the precise amount in making movies, marketing cost as well as the expected returns, making a film distribution business model can help you determining the main elements of project while you demonstrate the realistic projection of filmmaking.

Making movies is a complicated business that is why it is very important to make an outline of your film distribution business plan, which will be focused around the concept.

It must contain the company overview, executive summary, industry information, film summary, risk factors, distribution as well as marketing plan. You may also need to add the financial plan and requirements of your business that can help you to ascertain principal earnings to the investors.

Company Overview

Company overview is also very important, so when you write this, be sure to include information regarding the writer, director and producer’s experience. It includes the outline of distribution, budget size as well as the past reputation of the previous projects, whether it is bad or good. This part also informs the reader regarding yourself as well as why you wanted to invest and other information that is useful.

Synopsis of Screenplay

It will be beneficial to provide a synopsis of the screenplay in just one page. As you know investors will be disappointed and not interested if you gave them 10 to 20 pages of synopsis of screenplay. Be sure to provide them with a well-written summary is one of the best thing to do to get noticed.

Overview of Film Industry

It is also very helpful if you can write an effective overview of the industry at present state. Be sure to use resources like or for the present financial details as well as the gross dollar notes for films that are the same as the genre you have chosen. Use numbers that will reflect on the understanding of theaters, rentals and DVD sales. This can help you get the approval of investor and able for them to realize that your proposal is nice.

Establish Marketing Plan

Make sure to establish an effective marketing plan that is based on the budget you seek. For an instance film like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” basically rely on small and networking theatrical releases but film like “Spider Man” used a large marketing budget and wide cinema releases.

Establish Distribution Goals

You may need to establish your distribution goals too. Be sure to include certain resources that can help you obtain a theatrical or even a DVD circulation deal. These means can help your investors realize on how they can be able to get the return after they agreed to invest on the project.

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