How to Make Money with eTrade

Everyone would like to be successful someday. All of us are surely dreaming of a financially stable life in the future, where we will not have to worry as to how we will survive each day, where we will get the food for our stomach and the clothes for our body. Yes, everyone dreams of a good life that is why many try to find ways of earning more.

Knowing how to make money with eTrade is surely one good step that you might want to take.

A good business will mean a good income. While some people experience difficulties in being successful in the business venture that they chose, others are able to reach their goals, though difficulties still blocked their way at times. One of the really popular ways of earning an extra income these days is through electronic trading or eTrade. It will be good if you will know first how to make money with eTrade before you decide to try your luck in this business.

The First Steps

Because eTrade is primarily all about electronic trading, the first thing that you have to do is sit down in front of your computer and log on in your brokerage account. When you are logged in, in spite of a broker dealer, you will surely be able to make a few things. You will be able to check your account and know the amount of money that you still have and how much stock shares are still in your portfolio. You will also be able to get some stock quotes for you to check the present buy as well as sell prices of some stocks. Then, enter your order for you to sell or buy a stock.

The Systems

This web interface is being made possible by web servers which are similar to those servers being used in any other sites in the Internet. If you are a big time broker dealer with hundred if these web server machines, you will surely have millions of regular customers as well. Just see to it that the web servers operate with the connections secured so that privacy will be protected.

The Sample Process

How is eTrade being done? For instance, you would like to buy 200 shares from ABC company. You will check each of the stock’s price on quote screen and you learned that each costs $21.40 at present. You enter your order to buy 200 shares for $21.40 each. Your own broker dealer will then send the order to the stock exchange. If ABC company trades on stock exchange, the order will be sent there to the computer that is especially dedicated to your broker dealer. The transaction will then take place the moment that they received your order, finding matches that will suit it.

Completed Trade

When things are already settled, the stock exchange will send a message to your broker dealer to inform him that the trade is already completed. He will update the information on your account, withdraw money from it and put the changes on your portfolio so that the new stock will be reflected.


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