How to Make a Sales Pitch

The business world is one tough world. There are some things that you must know in order to survive in this corporate world.

Being aware of how to make a sales pitch is something that can serve as one of your best weapons in surviving in this competitive aspect of life.

Whether you would like to make a pitch in order to have that new project, or you want to close a good sale with prospective customer or an investor, there are definitely things that you have to be knowledgeable about to come up with the really perfect pitch.

An Outline, A Good Dress, An Enthusiastic Front

You are probably aware of all that you should be aware of when your business or product is concerned but all these things will be rendered useless if these are not properly organized. This is the main reason why an outline is very much needed. You must first let your audience know what things you will actually tell them, tell them what those things are and tell them the things that you have told them. There is no more need to dress to impress but there are still some people who dress too casually when they make a pitch. Remember that your clothes will be the first thing that will be noticed by people watching you. First impressions do last so see to it that a right image will be portrayed by your clothes. Enthusiasm is something that can be surely infectious so see to it that you will let them see the passion that you have for your business or product.

A Hook, A No Reading Scheme, A Not So Fast Talking

As something that is always emphasized, make sure that your audience will be hooked the moment that you stand in front of them. Your hook can be a good concept, a memorable slogan, or even a pledge that will compel your audience to listen throughout your whole talk. You must also know that one common mistake on how to make a sales pitch is that most simply read the information from the slides that they prepared when they already get panicky. Make sure that your slides will have limited words only so that you will not be tempted to solely read from it. This will also make your audience to listen more. Also, once you get nervous, the tendency is to talk fast. Do not forget that this will be the first time that your pitch will be heard and when you talk fast, they will just be left behind.

Pauses and Body Language

Silent pauses are usually avoided yet in sales pitches, this will be an essential thing to give your audience a time to ingest what you have previously said. Body languages must also be watched for they speak too much of you.

Eye Contact and Honesty

Eye contact does not mean to stare at a particular person when you deliver the pitch, but more of staring at different persons while you speak. This is something that can convey your honesty, something that all people will surely seek for.


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