Sewing at Home for Money

There are a lot of work at home job opportunities these days which are being enjoyed by many people who want to earn money and at the same time, monitor their family.

Starting a business of sewing at home for money will surely be loved by many moms who prefer to stay at home and earn additional income.

Something that used to be domain of moms who stay at home, sewing is already a service business that is slowly gaining popularity. In case that you are a person who loves sewing, why not earn extra money and make your hobby as a lucrative business?

Get Started

To be successful in this business, the first thing that you have to determine is the kind of sewing which you find enjoyable. There are many sewing businesses from which you can choose from. We have custom sewing or also known as custom clothier or dressmaker where your job is to make garments for clients. There is also custom designer, one step up from a dressmaker. You create your designs and sew these for your clients. You can also specialize to sew for weddings, one business that can really be big. You can also sew for homes where home accents and decors will be the primary things that you will sew, such as curtains, draperies, slipcovers and the likes.

The Costs

For you to successfully launch this kind of business, there is a need for you to have a versatile and reliable sewing machine and other equipment for sewing. In case that you lack the equipment, purchase the best one which you can, even if it is already used. Good equipment will also mean easier work as well as quality results. If your budget can suffice, you might also want to buy a brand new sewing machine. Here, you just have to be really practical and observant to settle for the best yet not the priciest.

Your Pricing

Your earnings will actually be dependent on the garments and tasks that you have. You must check the price that your competitors are using as well as your place’s current rates. You will surely not want to be pricing high above the market so see to it that you will properly compensate yourself. Pricing way too low will also not be advisable.

Find Your Market

When sewing business at home for money concerned, it is a typical thing that word of mouth is the most effective kind of advertising. One a certain client is impressed with your work, you can expect that he or she will talk about it to other friends and relatives. You also have to choice to run yellow pages and even post in community boards. Business flyers if not cards can also be distributed in beauty salons, fabric shops, resource centers, grocery stores, cleaners and even senior centers. You might also want to help others out by contacting charitable institutions and sharing the talent that you have in charitable events.


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