Make Money Writing Poetry

Poetry writing is probably one of the best hobbies of some people. There is a certain beauty in being able to express yourself through artistic lines and stanzas. But do you know that now, your talent in poetry writing can already be a source of income?

Know how to make money with poetry and make your hobby more fruitful that ever.

Poetry is the kind of literary piece that never fails to move people to feel all kinds of emotions. While some people are naturally gifted with this kind of talent, there are also some who struggle to study how it is being done. Writing is something that can give you money though some are not convinced that it works the same with poetry. But just to let you know, it is still very possible to make money writing poetry if you are just well informed as to how it must be done.

The Right Market for Poetry Writing

Most people find it hard to market the poems that they have written simply because they do not have an idea as to what market will be able to give them the monetary reward out of their talent. Actually, the really huge market for poetry writing is no doubt the manufacturers of greeting cards. If you will think about it, almost all kinds of greeting cards that you can find these days contain poems inside them which convey a special message to its recipient which can either be emotional, heartwarming, joyful or funny. If you can also write such poems, you can expect some monetary rewards for every single poem that will be accepted.

Finding the Best Markets

There are actually two means for you to find which markets are the best for you to write for. First, you can visit card stores in your area and find out what manufacturers have cards that come with these kinds of poems inside them. Who knows, you might be more talented than others so better put more focus on those manufacturers whose cards come with the poems that you usually write. Take note of the name of that company and search online to find them easily. It might also be your best chance to look for those companies which are a bit hard to search for in stores.

The Guidelines

Not all of the companies that create greeting cards are also looking for a work of a freelance but those which look for one typically have their guidelines listed in their sites. You have the option to have them printed so that you can carefully read them to give you a greater chance to succeed. You might want to jot down some of the ideas while you go through them since there might be particular themes or ideas they are looking for.

Do Not Give Up

Just like in any career, things are not always on your side. This is the reason why you have to persevere all of your efforts since it might call for some attempts before your poems can actually be accepted. The good thing is that you will surely feel a different sense of satisfaction once you see your poems published in the cards, a reward that is greater than money for sure.

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  • Shirley Evans said on June 27, 2017
    I'm looking into starting my own business by writing poems. Can you please give me some suggestion and guidance into how to start my career in writing poems. I would like to start part-time first and if everything goes well i would go full-time into writing poems and make up poetry books. I'm asking for your assistance to help me get started. Thanks. Kind Regards, Shirley Evans


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