How to Make Money in High School

If you want to make some money in high school, there are many ways to do it. Stick with the legal means and avoid being involved in drugs and other illegal activities.

You’re still in high school and you must enjoy your teenage years. Try out the various ideas below and get some extra money.

Making Money in High School

Teens want to go out once in a while but since they are still a bit young, they don’t have enough money to spend for night outs with friends. If you want to have some extra money, there are certain ways to earn them. Your parents will give you allowance and if you get change (e.g. 50 cents), save it. You can save the coins inside a jar and after several months, you will notice that the small amounts have already added up.

You’re no longer a child and some of your neighbors and friends will gladly pay for simple services like yard work, giving haircut, or perhaps helping families during a move. Start by offering your services to friends and relatives. Soon, word will come out that you’re good about something. You can even explore the world of non-contracted or part time job. Just identify your special skills or think of a certain niche that you’re good at. From there, you can go house to house to offer your services and assistance.

More Money-Making Ideas

Some students sell candies and finger foods to their classmates. If this is allowed in your school, you can do this. Make homemade goodies and sell it at a reasonable price. With exceptional cooking or baking skills, you can earn some extra money. Is the school looking for a student assistant? Talented students can be hired to help in the library, canteen, and other offices of the school. If this is offered in your school, you will only submit your resume and other credentials. If you pass, then you can already work and earn some money. Don’t forget to maintain high grades because this is more important. You can earn better when you’ve finished college and post graduate studies.

There has been news about students being involved in the selling of drugs. Now, you should never try this out. Even if you can make some money from such activity, it can destroy your life as a student. There are legal ways to do it and if you want, you can ask your family to help you out. You need to enjoy your high school days because once you graduate, you can never go back. This is your only chance to have fun during your teen years, so don’t worry much about making lots of extra income. Your parents might even provide you with additional money if you simply ask for it.


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