How to Start a Veterinary Clinic

If you are a veterinarian and have enough experience, you can set up your own veterinary clinic. Since you already have the experience, at least you have the knowledge about the ins and outs of this kind of business.

When opening a veterinary clinic, you have to start with creating a business plan.

It is a fact that putting up a clinic requires a huge investment; it is either you use your savings or you apply for a bank loan. Knowing that, you have to see to it that all of your plans and goals are put into paper so it is much easier for you to deal with things.

You can jot down in your business plan all of the answers to the important questions regarding opening a veterinary clinic.

  1. What kind of services will be offered?
  2. What kind of animals will be you providing services for?
  3. What is the difference of your clinic from the other veterinarians near you?
  4. How huge will your clinic be?
  5. Will you be offering other services such as grooming?
  6. How many employees will you be hiring?

See to it that you’ll clearly answer all of these questions in your business plan.

Will you be dealing with large animals or with exotic animals? You have to take into account that you’ll need different equipment so you have to be specific. Also, the size of your office depends on what animals will you be providing services to.

What are the services you will be offering? If you are planning to offer additional services, what will these be? Other clinics offer grooming services, sell pet products and have a pharmacy. So it’s up to you on how huge you want your clinic will be.

You have to take into consideration the type of technologies and instrument you will need for your clinic. And this also depends on how huge your clinic will be. Some technologies you need to add to your budget are heart monitors, oxygen and x-rays.

Now, if you are decided to come up with a huge clinic, you need employees or staffs to help you out. Make sure that you do screening and interview to make sure you’ll be getting the right employees, one can be at help in making your clinic successful.

Now that you are all set up and ready to provide services to your target market, you have to let them know you. Since your target markets do not know you yet, you have to advertise your veterinary clinic. You can post an ad on your local newspaper. Another way of advertising is by offering free services like by offering free consultation on your first visit or offer free vaccines for particular period of time. 

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