Starting a Pharmaceutical Business

Pharmaceutical business comes into bloom when the medical technology advances. This also helps in promoting the pharmaceutical industry.

However, investing in pharmaceutical business requires large start up capital.

How to Start a Pharmaceutical Business

If you are thinking to open a pharmaceutical business you need to develop the best business plan and strategies. In creating a business plan general ideas about the business should be incorporated. It is a key in obtaining the fund needed in starting the business. Make sure that the financial estimates and projections are detailed and credible to convince banks and other lending companies to grant your loan application. In developing the business plan it is recommended to hire a lawyer, an accountant and other business professionals who have experience in pharmaceutical business. Developing a business plan with experts ensures that the business would become successful. You can present the business plan to investors and lending companies where you will obtain funding.

Recruit Talent

As soon as you settle the business plan you can then start recruiting staffs with medical professions. As much as possible you hire professionals in the line of physical sciences and life sciences as they can work well in the business. These professionals work in the research and development area. Usually, the biggest part of investment goes in the researches which means that more money is spend to researchers and scientists. To find the best pool of talent, you should offer higher wages and benefits. However, you also need to determine the benefits and salaries prevailing in the market.

Setting up the Location

After you have obtained the funding, you can start setting up the pharmaceutical business. You can start by renting or constructing a building where chemical research should be performed. Make sure that the location is accessible to any means of transportation. You can ask professionals about the supplies and equipment needed in the research. To lighten your work load, you should hire laboratory manager to take charge in the daily operations. Likewise, business professionals can also help in monitoring financial analysis and reports as well as managing the budgets. Securing the required government licenses and permits is also a vital part in starting a pharmaceutical business. Aside from the building permits you also need to secure bio-hazards waste licenses and permits for the medical equipment. Securing a high insurance coverage is also ideal for the entire business.

Marketing Team

In order to make your marketing plan effective, you should hire professionals to do the job of promoting your business in the desired target market. They should be knowledgeable in determining the right target in the distribution line. As much as possible they should know how to build relationships with medical establishments. In addition, providing information about your pharmaceutical business in different media can also help in the advertising and promotion.


  • Prakash said on August 24, 2013
    I am interested in Starting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing unit, Solid dosage like tablets, capsules, Syrup, cosmetics like cream, ointment, lotion and Mouth wash and pharmaceutical products. looking fund and marketing setup.
  • Prakash said on October 15, 2013
    I am interested in startup with distribution business initial, followed by LL or P2p product manufacturing and marketing, followed by putting up own manufacturing plan. pls help in this context.
  • N.John SD Raju said on November 25, 2013
    Dear Sir, I have proposed to start an Ayurvedic Pharmacy for manufacturing a Pain Balm and a Pain Relief Oil in ELURU city, Andhra Pradesh, South India. I have experience and have very good formulas but need a financier to start this Pharmacy. Kindly advise me in finding financiers for this viable project ( USD 100,000 ). I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely yours, John ( )
  • Noble Thomas beginner adviser said on July 7, 2014
    Cold Storage is an important factor in making pharmaceutical company. If any of you people needs cold storage, in South India, you can write to me Ring me @9400773687. I am doing erection & commissioning of the same too. || Consultant

  • KB said on July 15, 2014
    Hi could you guide me establishing a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit
  • Refilwe said on April 26, 2017
    I am interested in starting up a manufacturing plant hospital consumables like cotton wools , syringes etc. please advise as to how would I go about from equipping myself with the necessary skills required for this business. My second business ideas is waste management I.e. Medical waste management, petrol chemical spillage cleaning etc. I also need so guidance.


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