How to Start a Home-Based Jewelry Business

Selling jewelries is a good business idea, because a lot of people will always be looking for jewelries to complement their clothing. Maybe you don’t know how to partake in the market for these items, but don’t worry our article will walk you through the process and get you started sooner than you think.

Why should you start a jewelry business? Well, how does an opportunity to spend a lot of much-deserved time with your family while earning money along the way sound to you?

That is already reason enough to start setting up a jewelry business at your own home. If you are creative and would like to put that talent to good use, then this business is good for you.

How does one go about starting a home-based jewelry business? Is it easy or is it difficult? Fortunately for you, it is surprisingly easy. All it needs is confidence, the drive to create, interest and, of course, financing.

Find Your Niche Market

Unless most businesses, diversifying is not recommended for a jewelry business or for those that are starting. This is because you still need to establish yourself as a good and credible jewelry maker. This is easy to do if you can determine what specific market within the jewelry-making market you would concentrate your efforts in. In other words, you need to specialize in something more specific.

Ways of Starting a Home-Based Jewelry Business

After you have identified your specific market, you need to come up with ways on how you can approach the market. There are several ways that you can enter the jewelry market, and these are:

  • Buying and selling
    This type of approach involves buying wholesale jewelry and selling them for retail prices. This is a dangerous approach to take especially when using the web to find wholesalers, with all the scam sites that abound.
  • Buying directly from manufacturers
    This is not recommended for beginners, except perhaps those that have contacts with jewelry makers. In employing this approach, it is best to small-time before skyrocketing your supplies.
  • Joining an affiliate program with a web-based jewelry company.
    This is a risk-free approach for beginners. Under this approach, you sell off the company’s products without the need to invest capital. You mainly market the company’s website and they do the selling for you.
  • Joining a jewelry MLM
    This is ideal for those that are making their own jewelry. Make sure to research carefully before joining any of the marketing schemes available to you.

Always be Confident of Your Products

Even if you are a beginner, do not downplay and make your prices too low especially if you are the one creating your jewelry. Remember, treat your products as handcrafted, unique and individualized, and worth only the best price for your efforts.


  • Rajeev Khanna said on October 12, 2011
    want to start artificial jewellery shop in guogaon
  • Suresh martin said on January 15, 2013
    I going to start cost price shop .Pls give me an Idea
  • Peace said on August 21, 2013
    Please i want to start low prices in jewellery, please linked me up with jewellery companies, am in lagos nigeria, thank u.
  • Renuka Joshi said on April 10, 2015
    i want to start a jewellery business. i haven't experience in this type of business. i also not having any financial capability. i am residing at Borivali west. mumbai - 400092. my mobile no. 09892290873
  • rhea said on June 9, 2016
    I want to start my own Handmade jewellery business. I do not know how and where to start.I reside at Vasai Road West.


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