Buy a Wireless Zone Franchise

If you want to be part of the lucrative and fast-growing wireless/cellular business, Wireless Zone, you have to start finding information on how to become a Wireless Zone Franchisee.

As a smart individual or entrepreneur, you would want to be part of a large and profitable company. So being part of Wireless Zone can help you obtain what you are dreaming of.

Wireless Zone is known to be the leading wireless/cellular retail franchise in the U.S. It has about 300 retail locations at the moment and it is continually growing. The company is the premium retailer of Verizon Wireless. With the relationship that they built, they co-brand with the biggest wireless carrier in the United States.

For about 20 years now, Wireless Zone has been into franchising. They provide broad training and support programs to all of their franchisees, so industry experience is not needed. With business system that the company can provide you (franchisee), you will be armed with the right tools and resources to be ready for the business. Wireless Zone will give you the tools and methods that can make you knowledgeable about the business.

As you become a franchisee, you can expect training and support from the company.

You will be provided with training. For you to be prepared with the business you will be given training and this will be held at Wireless Zone University in Middletown. Ct for about two weeks, in-store training for one week, in your store training for four weeks.

You will be supported with the store planning and build out. They will assist you from getting permits up to installation of everything. The company with help you out with all of the arrangements from the setting up of the store and up to putting the initial inventory order.

With the help of Wireless Zone’s Central Warehouse, you can freely manage your own business. You can do your own order, from small ones to big purchases; definitely, you can save money, time and hassle.

The company has customer service support, so the communication is open between the customers and the franchisees. In order to make sure the customers with be satisfied with your store, customer service support would be a great help.

Of course, employees must be treated fairly. With this, Wireless Zone with be assisting their franchisees to make them understand and comply with all of the requirements needed with regards to employees.

As a Wireless Zone franchisee, you will be given support which is an in-house ad agency. They will be placing advertisement in any forms and they will also be managing your manufacturer market development programs and carrier co-op programs.

With the Wireless Zone Franchisee Portal, you can manage to revise the webpage of your own store. You can even upload the pictures of your own store.

As your local business consultant, Director of Stores (DOS) will help you with ongoing operational support and function.

The total capital investment needed will be about $125,000 - $195,000. The required liquid capital is $50,000.


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