Become a Federal Agent

If you want to become a federal agent, you can choose to concentrate in any of the three branches of the federal government. The duties and responsibilities of a federal agent are huge but with the right training and background, you can effectively perform your job.

If you have specialized knowledge, let the authorities know about it. You can even travel to different places as an agent

Being a Special Agent

Special agents are often associated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Well, this may be partly true since the said agency employs a great number of agents. However, you can also find federal agents in the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branch. You can become a federal agent in the many independent agencies of the federal government. As a federal agent, it is your duty to investigate different crimes like robbery, murder, internal fraud, postal fraud, terrorism, and many others.

Everyday, a lot of people violate the law and it is your duty to investigate on these potential crimes. To become a federal agent, you can exhibit specialized knowledge. If you love traveling, you can use this passion by working with the Secret Service, State Department, Peace Corps, FBI, and other related agencies. Oftentimes, this will involve long working hours and you will be dealing with serious crimes. Are you willing to work for more or less fifty hours in a week? As you can see, the working hours are no joke but you can take advantage of the LEAP or Law Enforcement Availability Pay and 25% premium based on your salary. You can get around $50,000 annually aside from your basic pay. You also have a chance to travel to different countries especially when the job calls for it.

Be Competitive

Getting hired as a federal agent is really hard because of the high demand for high profile and law enforcement career. Having an advanced degree (aside from your 4-yeat college degree) can put you at an advantage. If you’re an average student, you might want to consider getting an advanced degree because you will hardly get noticed when you apply for such position. Getting internship is also great especially in the police department and other related agencies. Having enough experience in law enforcement can help you in gaining knowledge about the different duties and responsibilities of federal agents.

If you have preferences, then you need to choose among the three branches of the federal government. For instance, you can concentrate in the judicial or perhaps in the executive and legislative. It pays to be knowledgeable and one of the fastest ways to obtain information is on the internet. Try to learn everything you can about being a federal agent so that you will know the ins and outs of the profession. This is a dangerous yet rewarding job. You decision will definitely affect your future so make sure that you’re determined to become a federal agent.


  • Madhumita Chakraborty said on March 6, 2013
    My preference area is South Kolkata, I am a graduate, an employee in English Mediam School, I have IRDA Certificate. I worked for an agent in Bharti Axa Life Insurance company. Now I want to become a Advisor for LICI.
  • SATYAKI RANJAN DUTTA ROY said on April 13, 2014
  • arjun singh yadav said on April 28, 2014
    dear sir, i want to join federal agent.
  • jagadish s said on September 12, 2014
    i want to be lic agent


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