How to Become a Notary Agent

Becoming a Notary Agent is a risky job but if you're willing to take the risk for whatever reasons, this is your chance. In this article, you will find the instructions on how to become a notary agent.

Follow them carefully and soon you will find yourself signing different kinds of legal documents.


If you want to become a notary agent, you must be of legal age (18 years and above) and you need to be an official state resident. Secure an application from NNA or the National Notary Association or from the state’s notary commission. The eligibilities vary from one state to another so try to double check. A fee for filing should be paid and not only that, you will need to post a bond before you can assume office. The notary bond is necessary to protect the interests of the public from dishonesty or liability. The bonds can also cover claims against a notary just in case a problem arises. There are also written exams and fingerprinting for notaries. If there are required tests, be sure to take and pass them so that you can now submit your application.

Once your application is approved, you will now take an oath. If you still haven’t paid the bond yet, you need to settle it now. Final paper works can be completed with the help of insurance brokers from your state. You also need to purchase your own notary seal because most of the US states require official inked rubber stamps on different documents.

Things to Ponder

The notary fees may vary from one state to another because it’s subject to state income taxes and so you can’t tell for certain how much you can make in a year. When filing the application, make sure that you use the same signature because variations will not be allowed. If you live n Louisiana (West Feliciana Parrish), South Carolina, Maine, and Florida, you are allowed to execute civil marriages. The term of office also varies so make sure that apply for reappointment. Convicted felons need not apply. If you’re a notary public, you should avoid criminal or civil offense, immorality, and dishonesty because you need to set a good image to the general public.

This career is best suited for people who are trustworthy and who want to serve the public. Keep in mind that while you’re in office, you will need to act accordingly. You are going to be a public figure and you must be a role model. Pass your application and pay the fees so that you can receive your appointment. Be sure to renew your appointment so that you can continue your career as a notary agent. This is a good job and there are no stringent requirements required. This is an excellent opportunity so grab it now.


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