Marine Business Insurance

There are a lot of dangers associated with seafaring and sea voyages. Unfortunately, some businesses rely on such a dangerous trade. Because of the imminent dangers, it is a must that marine businessmen understand the importance of getting marine business insurance.

This is to protect themselves from possible crippling loss because of an accident.

The seas around the world are treacherous. Just like the roads back home, you cannot guess when and how you can run into a disaster in the high seas. It is a very dangerous business, both financially and in terms of lives, when you run an enterprise that is driven by marine vessels and shipping. Hence, there is the need for getting a marine business insurance policy for your ships.

Since there are many kinds of accidents that may happen between two ships forlorn at sea, there are also specific insurance policies to address those needs. Here are some examples of marine business insurance:

  • Salvage and towing insurance
    When a ship has run into an accident at sea and is incapacitated, obviously salvaging and towing services are called into action. These services take the damaged vessel from the scene and ferry it into safe harbor. Likewise, salvaging services are also needed for ships that have been severely damaged and sunk to the bottom.

    However, the services offered by these companies are pretty expensive. To help operators offset the costs incurred by getting these important services, they are allowed access to salvage and towing insurance.
  • Individual watercraft insurance
    This type of insurance is designed to offset costs in property suffered by a ship’s owner after the disaster. Other costs associated with the disaster – with the exception of towing and salvaging described above – are also covered by these policies. If any injury is sustained by your passengers, these insurance policies can also cover that to some extent.
  • Medical coverage policies
    Since you need a crew to operate a craft, you need further medical coverage to make sure they are adequately covered in case of accidents in which they suffer physical harm. This would do well in tandem with the individual watercraft and accident insurance as described previously.

Marine business insurance policies are extremely important. Marine businesses always depend on human lives in order to operate, and these lives need to be protected. It is not uncommon for a company to suffer a lot of damages in terms of medical expenses for the crew after an accident happens. These expenses may extend even after the accident occurs; some companies may be obligated to provide remuneration for the families in case of death. These compensations, coupled with the huge amount of damages to the vessel, can cripple the company. Insurance, however, prevents that by covering and compensating the company for any accident-related expense.


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