Become a Customs Agent

If you want to become a customs agent, this is your chance. You will need to start out early and earn the right college degree. From there, you can already file applications at the right agency.

Make sure that you qualify so that you can earn huge annual earnings. This is dangerous career so you have to be skilled and smart.

Educational Requirement to Become a Customs Agent

If you want to become a customs agent, you will need to finish a degree in college, specifically criminal justice. To get more reliable information, you can contact the Department of Homeland Security, Customs, and Border Protection. The agency has an online website that you can visit. What will be your job as a customs agent? You will be working at the Treasury Department and it is your responsibility to enforce law on imports and exports. You will be tasked to examine shipments, luggage, people, cars, ships, and vehicles to ensure that there are no contrabands present.

Most of the time, you will be investigating narcotics smuggling, money laundering, pornography, customs fraud, etc. You have to ensure that the Arms Export Control Act is also being followed. There are even times when you will perform undercover work. You will be required to investigate, conduct searches, seizure, and make arrests. This is a dangerous job and at times, it can be life threatening. With proper training and experience, you can effective handle such situations. To become a customs agent, you need to be a resident of the country or state and should be 21 years old or higher. You will undergo written and physical testing which you need to pass. You will also undergo drug testing and background check.

Training for 14 Weeks

Once you are hired, you will undergo the 14-week training in Glynco GA at Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. The training will teach you about fraud, surveillance, smuggling, investigations, and many other areas. New agents usually receive the GS-5 to GS-7. This means that you can earn $28,349 to $45,648 a year. College graduates will usually get the GS-5 while those who have a full year graduate level background will get the GS-7. Aside from your salary, you will also be entitled to some benefits offered by the concerned agency.

Being a customs agent is no joke. This is a dangerous, challenging, and very rewarding job. Even if you’re inexperienced, you can learn the basics of the profession in the training. As you may have noticed, training will take more than three months. Thorough training is necessary to prepare you for the real world situation. You have to pass the training because if you don’t, you can’t become a customs agent. You must be in excellent physical condition and you also need to be mentally alert so that you can deal with different situations effectively. Decide now and become a customs agent after graduating from college.


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