How to Become a Leasing Agent

As a leasing agent, you will need to pass the real estate licensing examination. However, you may need to comply with some course requirements.

You also need to possess great sales and customer service skills so that potential employers can consider hiring you as one of their staff.

Qualification Required to Become a Leasing Agent

Do you possess exceptional sales and customer service skills? If you do, you can become a leasing agent. Most states these days as well as real estate companies require a license in the field if you want to work legally. You can use this article as a guide in how to attain your life long dream profession. Check the concerned state agency about the licensing requirements (if any) so that you can comply immediately. It would also help if you take up courses like marketing, finance, real estate ethics, and real estate law way back in college.

You will need to decide whether you will focus in commercial or residential properties. You see, if you are a commercial real estate leasing agent, you will be dealing mostly with warehouses, office space, and other related properties for organizations and businesses. As a residential leasing agent, you will be dealing with housing and apartments. The opportunities for potential leasing agents like you may vary and this will depend on the place where you live. As a commercial leasing agent, you should have considerable knowledge on the properties that you’re selling such as sewage system, square footage, leasee responsibilities, leasing terms, and many others. Dealing with residential properties is less complicated since your job is to convince renters to get the apartment. However, you should be knowledgeable, patient, and a public person. Sometimes, companies set monthly quotas for residential leasing agents and as long as you meet your quotas, you can earn a lot of commissions.

Securing License

Getting license should be your first objective and if the company where you applied requires training, you also have to complete it. When submitting applications to potential leasing companies or employers, you must create a good resume so that you can request for an interview. If you’re still having doubts about the responsibilities and tasks of leasing agents, you can talk with leasing agents in your area. These people can provide you with valuable insights on the profession. Why don’t you check out job boards, online classifieds, and newsletters?

When you are finally granted an interview, make sure that you’ve done your homework about the company and you should arrive on time at the scheduled date. Your employer will surely be delighted to know that you’re interested in such position and that you know a great deal about their business. Since the market is really competitive, you must continue your learning and be knowledgeable enough about the new trends in the industry.


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