Buy a Critter Control Franchise

A person can buy a Critter Control franchise if he is qualified and have met all the set requirements by the company.

Many are interested to buy a critter Control franchise because of the in demand services it can offer every household.

Critter Control is known for their pest and wildlife control services since 1983. But at that time it was named after its founder which made it as Clark’s Critter Control. In 1986, it was already called as Critter Control. Specifically, Critter Control is responsible in mending the homeowner’s things that was destroyed or damaged by pests and animals. They also help in eliminating house pests and intruding animals in their client’s home. They do it by making use of pest busters that are proven effective for pest management. They are also making ways to prevent animals and pests from getting inside the house. Then, in 1987, Critter Control started spreading its wings by accepting qualified franchisees nationwide. Presently, they are also aiming to extend their franchises to Canada.

Now, if you feel like you can be at your best in this franchise opportunity, you better analyze your capabilities so you can make this business a success for you and the whole company. If you are ready to take the challenge of buying a Critter Control franchise, start accomplishing the qualifications and requirements expected from a franchisee.

When you are to buy a Critter Control franchise, you are expected to have a total investment of at least $25,500 up to $69,000. You will be asked to pay around $18,000 to $36,000 for your initial franchising fee once you have signed the agreement with the company. Depending on your franchise unit’s sales, Critter Control will automatically get at least 6% to 16% as their on-going royalty fee. The agreement that you will be signing with the company is valid for 10 years.
The tasks of a pest and wildlife controller is very complicated and complex. You would be dealing and handling the smallest ants to the wildest alligators. Thus, this business needs you to be skilled and prepared for any possibilities with pests and animals. That is why Critter Control puts its franchisees under rigorous hands-on trainings and orientations before allowing them to take on the challenge. There are so many safety procedures, techniques, and products to be mastered for each kind of pest and wild animal. Clearly, you will not be left ignorant of what you are getting into even if they allow franchisees who do not have pest and wild life control experience to work with them.
Plus, you will be continuously assisted by the company by providing you newsletters, meetings, Internet resources, toll-free phone calls for your FAQs, safety and security procedures, on the job visitations, and purchasing cooperatives. Aside from those, you will be given enough opportunities to advertise your franchise through all forms of mass media.

Your franchise may be operated in the comfort of your home. But they do not allow absentee ownership which means 100% of their franchisees are owners and operators. You will only need one employee for your business. It only goes to show that operating a Critter Control franchise is not that heavy for a single person.


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