About Wing Zone Franchise

The Wing Zone's Franchise Information includes all the important details that a possible franchisee needs to know before pursuing a partnership with the company.

It has very affordable franchising rates for a remarkable business system.

Wing Zone’s Description

Frat buddies Matt and Adam conceptualized a yummy alternative for pizza deliveries that students usually order for. After a few tasting and tossing of their recipe, they were able to form a new food that really got the favor of many. Thus, in 1991 came the start of the people’s favorite Wing Zone.

Wing Zone is loved by many because of its delicious menu consisting of flavorful and freshly cooked chicken wings, fingers, chicken sandwiches, and burgers. They also do deliveries for the Wing Zone fans out there that can’t pass by the restaurant to grab some food.

Wing Zone Customers

Wing Zone’s top customers are the busy people, home buddies, sports watchers, too tired to cook, chicken addicts, students’ group studies and sleepovers, and parties. Almost all households love to get a munch on the Wing Zone’s chicken wings.

Wing Zone Franchise Benefits

No more trial and error to test the recipe for creating the chicken wings people would love to taste. The flavorful food variances that Wing Zone is known for could bring your franchise to success. You’ll even grow bigger with its fast and organized delivery system. Customers are assured that their orders are cooked once asked for and delivered in the speediest time possible.

Wing Zone’s name and reputation has become very solid over time. Together with its brand name, the franchisee will not have a hard time to prove itself to its customers.

The franchisee will get the best location for its business. Possible locations for Wing Zone are at the malls, commercial areas, near hospitals and hotels, military bases, and universities. Those areas are chosen to provide easy access for the customers.

The profit that will return to the franchisee is exceptionally remarkable. The excellent flow of sales income has made Wing Zone as one of the top 10 chain restaurants.
Wing Zone Franchisee Qualifications

It is in search for possible franchisees coming from the different parts of the world. A qualified franchisee must have a minimum net worth of $250,000 and liquidity worth $100,000. A franchisee must have at least three years of experience in business management. He must be fully committed into making the business profitably for everyone. The franchisee’s chosen estate must be favorable to the terms and agreement provided beforehand.

Wing Zone’s Support

The franchisee will be provided with the utmost support that they deserve as they go through in handling the franchise business. The franchisee will have expert support staff to guide him all the way. Progressive reports and studies are regularly provided for the franchisees to aid in their improvement. Franchisees will have occasional meetings and get-togethers to build ties and healthy relationships between each other. Wing Zone company, aids the franchisees with their marketing and advertising plan to boost its popularity among many customers as possible. The training that is provided for the franchisee and its employees is of great quality to ensure professionalism and expertise among the people of Wing Zone.

Wing Zone’s Advertising Plans

Wing Zone believes that the success of one is the success of all. That is why it is ensuring that each franchise will be advertised in the best way possible. Their advertisements and promotions are done through product launches, distribution of copies of the menu, selling and giving away of souvenir items with their name on it, and advertising thru the Internet.

Wing Zone’s Costs and Fees

  • Total investment: $247,500 - $312,500
  • Franchise fee: $25,000
  • Ongoing royalty fee: 5%
  • Term of agreement: 10 years


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