Great Harvest Franchise Opportunity

In Great Harvest Franchise the employees, franchisees and the franchisors shares 1 thing the same the core value of the company to have fun, work fast, create strong exciting and bakeries, bake amazing bread and give generously to others.

Great Harvest is dedicated to provide great bread made of whole grain. What make Great Harvest franchisees different from the others is that it is done with hearty assistance of generosity, with splash of empathy and levity of massive dose.

The actual practice of franchising varies, the everyday activities of Great Harvest franchisee has exude positive energy. The franchisees may divide their work on the bakery. One can cook whole grain bread, fresh loaves while other can bake small dozen batches of pastries and other may fire up the coffee maker or cooking a big pot of soup.

Many franchised business occasions are similar to the other business model that is being used again and again, they have the same products, designs and paint and has the same sets of routine, however Great Harvest Bread do not feel that it is the proper way of running a business. Therefore, they have created what is popularly known today freedom franchise system. Recipes, mission and name are spread to each and every franchise as common blueprint, however franchisees are provided with the privilege to expand on the regular schematic as they want. In short, the aim of freedom franchising system is to provide pop and mom whole grain bakery where your parents know exactly the company's advantage over the stiff competition.

In 1976, the Great Harvest franchise was created in Montana in Great Falls, . In the past they sold bread in a little roadside stand and then later discovered how wonderful wheat of Montana is, and then started to think of a wider view.

Two years later, Kallispell Montana opened the second location, then another one in Spokane Washington. The Great Harvest Franchise was able to create bakery chain, and the natural excitement was created to have stronger and faster as compared to others.

The Great Harvest franchisees take advantage of the franchise opportunity. As compared to other businesses that offer franchisees only Great Harvest offers weeks of training to master the franchising. Great Harvest bread needs new franchisee by preparing them through 3 weeks of training and takes them on a road trip within the country. Showing them why Great Harvest should be your choice when franchising. After thorough training, it is considered as ready to move ahead with the business by them.

The help will not stop once you open your own bakery. Franchises are visited upon opening, after 6 months and then after 12 months, to simply check how well did you go along with the business.The franchise fee is $35,000. You will be needing $93,022 - $717,801 as your total investment to be part of Great Harvest.


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