Owning a Kilwin's Chocolates Franchise

Be a part of a nationwide shop that can provide the best ice cream and confectionery your customers will ever enjoy.

This opportunity would allow you to offer a service-oriented and enjoyable atmosphere and great food selection backed by several years of experience. We can guide you here in starting your own Kilwin's Chocolates Franchise.


Founded by Don & Katy Kilwin in 1947, Kilwin's has earned a reputation for excellent service and quality products. Now, it is owned by Don & Robin McCarty from Harbor Springs, Michigan and without question, they represent the operating philosophy and culture of Kilwin’s team.

Kilwin's Chocolates Franchise Business Plan


Each Kilwin's Chocolates Franchise has the support of experts who are committed to excellence. They can assist in your site selection and help you develop a business plan to define specific tasks, determine the most viable opportunities, and identify potential customers. Experienced staff of Kilwin may also be available to you as your financial and legal counselors for consultation.

Planning will also include your design and layout as well as the merchandising needs and product mix to be tailored to your specific market. Kilwin’s will further provide an architect for you if required. Take note that list of all the supplies and equipment will be given to you once the store design has been completed.

The company will train you to operate the shop efficiently and step by step. You will find that the Policy/Operations Manual has been simplified to show you the store management elements and provide answers that you need. Of course, you can always contact the company for any queries or concerns.

Kilwin's Chocolates Franchise Business Guide

The franchising system of Kilwin’s combines people with a proven business system. They are currently concentrating their expansion efforts within the United States. So if you meet the $500,000 net worth and $100,000-$200,000 cash on hand as financial requirements, just submit an application form to process your franchise request.

Then in the next two weeks, the company will obtain information on your professional, financial, and personal reference checks and your choice of location through an interview with a Kilwin’s staff. And if you are an approved candidate, you will receive the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). Upon receipt of these papers, make sure that you sign it and return it to their office.

The succeeding steps would be to send the $7,500 deposit, locate the specific site, and give a copy of the dimensions or blueprints of the space. Usually, the company does not get involved in third party financing but they can provide you with information on your loan application together with preliminary equipment list and pre-opening checklist. If requested though, Kilwin’s will provide input in your lease negotiations. Furthermore, the licensing process would typically take three months.



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