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Are you prepared to deliver a fan-driven and health-conscious dining? Saladworks has a sensational and trailblazing leadership when it comes to fresh salads.

They began their rapid ascent to be the number one salad store in the nation today. And we can show you how to start Saladworks Franchise right here.

While working as gourmet chef in New Jersey, John Scardapane developed the concept of Saladworks. The idea is to provide made-to-order, fanatically fresh, and entree-sized salads as a food offering for consumers even if they’re on the go. He firmly believes that consumers deserve a meal that is delicious, healthy, and quickly accessible.

Saladworks Franchise Store Plan

As a franchisee, Saladworks will provide you endless developmental tools and set you up with ongoing operational support, low-cost vendors, and lease negotiation services. The company wants to give you a great chance to achieve your potential through this worthwhile investment.

The most important assets that you can bring to your store are your adherence and enthusiasm to their tried and proven standards, work ethic, as well as people and organizational skills. Although Saladworks can teach you the business elements, any prior experience in business, retail management, or food service is helpful.

Saladworks Franchise Store License

Saladworks provides a familiarization and training course for five weeks – this covers all aspects of operating a store which include in-store training and classroom training (ServSafe Certification, Profit and Loss management, etc.) for you and your employees. And among many other things, the company provides site selection support, proven business model, lease negotiation support, store opening support, verified and approved vendors, regional dine-around sessions, and franchise conventions.

Although Saladworks does not do internal financing, it can direct you to various lending institutions that can help franchisees financially. You would need to have $175,000 liquidity to establish one location or $350,000 to have three locations. Included in the initial franchise fee of $30,000-$35,000 are the trade dress, logo, operating systems, brand name, and operating leverage of having multiple locations.

Ongoing fees include 3% advertising and 5% royalty. Here are the steps to buy a Saladworks franchise:

  • Submit your personal information online through their website.
  • You will be contacted with a representative from Saladworks to conduct an initial phone interview.
  • You need to attend a Saladworks franchise webinar or showcase.
  • Fill out the franchise application and then submit.
  • Attend the Discovery Day to finally become a Saladworks franchisee.

Overall, the training and support given by Saladworks is one of the best. Preferred locations include street-side locations, major office buildings, transportation centers, major mall food courts, free-standing units, and end cap or in-line restaurants as long as there’s high pedestrian traffic. To know more about the locations where you can start a Saladworks franchise, visit their official website.


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