Becoming a Super 8 Franchisee

Setting up an independence business is not as easy as it seems but it does work out if you take up a Super 8 franchise. Try these simple steps and you should do fine.

Starting a franchisee is as easy as it seems, but you should have good presence of mind and possess patience to become a leader, selecting the correct workforce, and takes up a franchise which could get you a lot of money.

Just one of the famous brands that can get you into the top earners brackets is the” Super 8”.

The brand name “Super 8” is a synonym for “traveling for a minimal rate”. It believes that everyone should be able to break free and get away to a super destination once in a while to forget about the whole world. We all lead extremely stressful lives and a once-in-a-while break becomes completely necessary. It was Super 8’s passion and desire, to start a hotel in 1974, at Aberdeen in South Dakota for a meager sum of $8.88 per night. This ridiculous price made South Dakota accessible to anyone who was taking a ride and wanted a place to stay. This was later called the first and original “super” destination.

With this in mind Super 8 came up with its own American road trip and marked the location with a sign which represented accommodation. A sign which meant the accommodation was available to any person passing by. It has now 2000 destinations and has become a familiar sight for the tired traveler.

If you are interested in opening a Super 8 accommodation or linking with the company then the best option would be to browse the internet and look out for all the options that they provide. You will get a lot of opportunities if you have the right skill and talent. Super 8 is one of the world’s largest hospitality companies and the Wyndham group offers excellent opportunities to franchise, investors and developers.

The Wyndham Hotel Group franchisee hotels are in the lodging industry and if you have the required property or place to let out you can always take the proposal to them. If you have the required finance and are confident to sustain stiff competition you can start a Super 8 right away. Remember that these destinations offer an excellent service to customers by providing facilities like free internet service, free breakfast, and quality rooms. Fill out the contact questionnaire present on the site and you will be contacted within 24 hours by a Wyndham company representative. They will talk to you and enquire about your business experience and once you get approved, you will have to sign a 20 year contract. You will also need an initial outlay of about $ 285,000 to $2,800,000 and five percent of all royalties go to the company. You might have to take on a small business loan and then take on employees to take care of your hotel for you. The Super 8 policy allows for absent owners so you can hire a manger to take care of the day to day work of the hotel while you continue your day job.

Do get in touch with the parent company for more information on how to become a Super 8 hotel as you might need more training and conferences.

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