Owning a Planet Smoothie Franchise

Promoting a healthier lifestyle, Planet Smoothie is definitely a growing business. Franchising your own Planet Smoothie is one way to boost your entrepreneurial skills.

Planet Smoothie offers stream of nutritious and delicious real fruit smoothies and other healthy products.

They believe that consumers are becoming health conscious yet have less time preparing them. The Planet Smoothie is definitely a healthy choice and convenient meal especially for on the go individuals. Hence, owning a Planet Smoothie is a healthier choice for your business career.

There are no specific experiences required in franchising Planet Smoothie. They do not even look for those with restaurant or retail experience. The Planet Smoothie is looking for those with the passion to promote a healthier lifestyle and deliver quality service to customers.

Products of Planet Smoothie are generally for breakfast and in between meals. They even accept made to order breakfast and sandwiches to cater preferences of the customers.

In franchising Planet Smoothie, included are breakthrough brands, hiring employees, complete training programs, purchasing assistance and marketing effort.

The company creates creative brands for their products to make it doubly interesting and exciting for consumers. Likewise, they also make sure of offering innovative and one of a kind healthy foods. Planet Smoothie also helps franchisees on selecting the right location for the business. There is an important link between the store’s location and business’ profitability.

Strategic location of the store influences the volume of consumers and the kind of market that the business may capture. Say for example, the product of the business targets class A market yet the store is situated in class D environment. Definitely, one cannot guarantee business success on this kind of situation. Thus, proper market analysis is important so as to determine the strategic location for the business.

Another benefit of franchising the company is that they provide a consultant for every franchisee. The consultant will be the one to assist in the operation of the new store. This is to ensure that the franchises are well guided and are in line with the objective of the company with regards to their operational system.

Consultants are also there to motivate, encourage and share the best practices for the continuous growth of the franchises.

Establishing a Planet Smoothie franchise requires $80, 000 of liquid capital, $250,000 of net worth and $177,000 to $368,000 of total investments. The financial requirements are studied well so as to check the capability of the franchisee to sustain for the business. Capitalization is one of the major concerns in establishing a business. However, if planning to venture in franchising as a single proprietor, falling short of the company’s financial requirement can be solved through financial sources available both for those starting up a business and planning for expansion.


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