Owning a Z Pizza Franchise

Focus on delivering fresh and unique pizza, Z Pizza is committed on producing quality and healthy gourmet food.

They provide many benefits to their franchisees including market analysis, site location, marketing effort, full management back up, and even financial assistance.

Established in 1986 and began franchising in 1999, Z Pizza is the leader in the gourmet and health conscious pizza segment. Z Pizza operates in a high-profile lifestyle centers and metropolitan retail centers and serves a wide menu of pizza, salads and sandwiches.

What differentiate Z Pizza among its competitors is that it offers healthy varieties with its all-natural ingredients.

Franchising Z Pizza encompasses criteria such as financial liquidity, net worth and relevant business experience.

Financially, investment ranges from $250,500 - $349,500, with the inclusion of initial franchise fee for individual restaurant of $30,000.

However, if you fall short on the financial requirement, financing may be available via third party lenders. Usually, after the completion of your personal profile, you will be evaluated by the finance department. They will let you know whether your financial status will fit within their requirements. However, if it does not fit, they will advise you on possible financing option that you may take to advance the application.

Request information form is available online. After filing out and submitting, a Z Pizza representative will call you out and your application is on its way to be processed.

One assurance for a successful Z Pizza franchise is that healthy gourmet industry is a hit to Americans especially that they are getting more health conscious. Thus, Z Pizza changes the attitude of customers towards pizza.

You can get many benefits from franchising Z Pizza. They extend sufficient help to their franchisees especially on site location, management systems support, training programs, marketing initiatives and professional consultation.

Z Pizza has a full real estate system to help franchisees in site selection, which is very critical for restaurants. It must be strategically located in areas where your target customers are. The volume and the kind of customers that you will have are somehow dependent on your location. Hence, it really must be planned analyzed carefully.

Like wise, aside from a strategic location, they will also provide architectural assistance for the construction of the restaurant and the facilities layout. The negotiation for the construction contractor and construction suppliers will be on the franchisees’ accord.

There are also training programs on business procedures for the employees to ensure smooth business operation. They will also assist you on hiring staffs that are qualified to their specific jobs. In addition, marketing effort will be on a national level. This will help you on advertising and promoting your business to be more profitable.

Franchising is a safe way to start in the business. And with Z Pizza, you will be certain of that.


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