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Known as Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House in 1963, the Boston Pizza is one of the trusted restaurant businesses with five decades of experience in the business.

Qualification is mostly on financial while other management matters such as training, hiring and marketing are assisted and supported by the company.

Boston Pizza is one of the recognized names in the gourmet industry. Staying strong and competent in the business since 1963, the Boston Pizza definitely marked a name as one of the premier restaurant and sport bar. Evolving from a pizza joint to a full casual restaurant and sports bar, the Boston Pizza entered franchising in 1968 with stores both in Canada and US and is continuously expanding.

Boston Pizza franchisees have access to every benefits of being a part of the family. The company makes sure of rendering the best help and offer they can extend to franchisees to guarantee the success of the business just like the other stores.

In starting a Boston Pizza franchise, opportunities are laid for franchisees to flourish their business. They provide support such as training, marketing, management system and other aspects of the business.

In terms of training, they lend assistance on hiring and training staffs. The training is available not only for starting franchises. They continuously provide training as long as it is needed to improve and enhance the quality and value of their services.

Aside from training, franchisees can also assure a national marketing initiative. They will help on advertising and promoting the stores on a broader scale with lesser cost incurred on franchisees part. Franchising package also include a grand opening to boost the endorsement of the new store.

In addition, they also help out on selecting the best strategic location for the store. They do have real estate agent for that matter. The resident architects of the Boston Pizza will also help on store and facility layout for great maximization of space. The Boston Pizza assists franchisees on the proper utilization of resources and on properly employing management operating system.

Other privileges are newsletters to stay up to date on activities and relevant issues on Boston Pizza, toll-free phone line, security and safety procedures, field operations, performance evaluation, and purchasing cooperatives.

Qualifications in terms of financial capabilities are $1,700,000 to $3,100,000 total investment and $40,000 initial franchise fee. The term of agreement is a 10 years renewable contract.

There is no definite business experience required for franchisees.

Franchising has been an idealistic refuge for new and professional businessman who wanted some safe ground for their investments. What is left unknown is on what business to franchise. Mostly, the interest, the passion, or the skills of the franchisee dictates the selection. At times, franchisees look at the status of industries and specific businesses under certain industry.

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    Dear Sir/Mada; I would like to know about Boston Pizza franchise business overseas. Could you kindly provide for me the information of how to go about? Please and thank you very much


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