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An award-winning pizza franchise that has originated from the Midwest, Pizza Ranch has been one of the leading businesses in the United States that have contributed in the development of the community that it operates.

Being a Pizza Ranch franchisee is not just about owning a business, it is a commitment in helping people in your territory.

An award-winning pizza franchise that has a top-class business concept to help franchisees to be successful not only in their career but also to the community works that goes along with owning a franchise.

Pizza Ranch is a proud Midwestern restaurant chain that has committed itself to community development and better quality of life to the people around it. If you want to buy a restaurant franchise that has an outstanding track record when it comes to community service, then Pizza Ranch is the right business opportunity for you.

Here are several requirements you need to know if you want to become a Pizza Ranch franchisee:

Startup investment level – This many vary depending on the store locations, construction costs, rentals, or an existing purchase of stores. According to the company website, the total investment cost of one Pizza Ranch franchise may vary from $335,600 to $600,000 and an added franchising fee of $20,000. A relatively small amount considering the happiness you can bring to the people of the community.

Cash Requirement – To qualify as one of the Pizza Ranch franchisees, the franchisor is looking for people who have at least $250,000 liquid cash that will be use in construction, equipment purchase, and other requirements that is needed to start your own store.

Terms of Agreement – The franchise deal will last up to 10 years and will require at least four percent royalty fee from the annual revenue of the business.

Market Availability – The franchisor is now looking for qualified business partners that will help in its market expansion plans. To date, the company has more than 140 restaurants in over nine states.

A qualified franchisee will be asked to review the site location to see if it is fit to do business and if there is room for future expansion.

Other Qualifications – The franchisor is looking for people with high-level of enthusiasm, energy to sustain business growth in the highly competitive environment. To qualify, you must be dedicated to excellence and has a proven track-record in management or business operations. An optional requirement is for a business partner to have an existing business, stocks, or real estate.

Once you fill out the application form, which can be seen in all of the franchise stores and the company’s official website, a Pizza Ranch Franchise Development representative will immediately contact after a review of your qualifications.

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  • sukhveer said on December 19, 2010
    i m working at Australia in the blue duck restaurant from 2008. before i were in shail hotel and restaurant as a manger from 2006 to mid 2008. i waana know about every thing how to start your business. thanks


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