How to Start Figaro's Pizza Franchise

Figaro’s Pizza is a popular pizza company that has made its name with their flavorful pizzas and quality services. Franchisees must be able to meet the qualifications and requirements to start operating.

Corkey Gorley and Al Debacker started Figaro’s Pizza in 1981.

This business was in operation in Salem, Oregon. Figaro’s Pizza was established to answer the needs of families that are too busy to prepare a home cooked meal. This business is giving their tasty food specialties in the fastest way possible. That is why Figaro’s Pizza gained popularity in an instant. Later on, this business was sold to Ken Robertson who added more ovens to live up to its name that serves lots of freshly cooked food choices in the fastest way they can. But soon enough, Figaro’s Pizza was also turned over to the group of Ron Berger who is a long time businessman, leading several companies. He is the one responsible for the growth and development of Figaro’s Pizza, allowing it to go with the needs of time thru its store designs and pizza flavors. That is why until now, Figaro’s Pizza remain standing with more and more retail locations nationwide. As their customers grow from different points in the country, Figaro’s Pizza decided to accept franchisees. And so in 1986, they started to provide their franchise information for all interested franchisees. Many want to be a part of their franchising group because of its well-founded reputation as reflected in its various recognitions for higher growth and financial strength.

Figaro’s Pizza is searching for franchisees nationwide and worldwide. That is why many are eligible candidates for their franchising opportunity. Here is how to start Figaro’s Pizza franchise. You must be able to have funds set aside for investing on this business amounting to at least $91,000 and a maximum of $398,450. Upon agreeing with all of the company’s terms and conditions, you must now comply in their demand of paying the franchising fee for $12,500 up to $52,500. Their on-going royalty fee is 5 percent of your total sales. Your contract with the company is valid for five years, and is renewable upon expiry.

For you to be qualified, one of the requirements is that you must have a total net worth of $250,000. Your liquefied cash must be $50,000. Along those financial requirements, you must also have a general business experience so that you’ll have some understanding of the transactions and procedures in a business. You must also have great marketing skills so that it will be easier for you to promote your business.

Once you are given the approval that you may already start up in your franchise unit, you must have at least nine and a maximum of thirteen employees. And if you feel that you will grow even more in this business, you may buy another franchise unit. Figaro’s Pizza is allowing its franchisees have more units under their name. As a matter of fact, 61 percent of its franchisees own more than one franchise unit. You are also free to opt for absentee ownership.

If you do not have an experience in this kind of food business, you need not worry because the company is willing to train you with the necessary skills. And throughout your contract with the company, you will be given all the support you might need in all of your endeavors.


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