Ledo Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Ledo Pizza is open for interested franchisees who can meet the qualifications and requirements set by the company.

Actually, entering the business with Ledo Pizza is not that costly because they are not really asking for your net worth and liquefied cash before you can start working with them.

In 1955, Ledo Pizza was established in Maryland. It was known for its rectangular shaped pizzas that really made it more likeable to its customers.

Ledo Pizza is also popular for its thick-sliced pepperoni that is hailed by many. As time goes by, Ledo Pizza develops into a bigger food restaurant by providing more food choices for its customers such as soups, salads, and pastas. Another step in their widening and developing goal is opening up for qualified franchisees. And so in 1989, they have started accepting franchisee applicants for their pizzeria.

Right now, Ledo Pizza is searching for possible franchisees nationwide. And for a franchisee to be successful in this franchising opportunity, a total investment amounting to at least $126,250 up to $442,000 is needed. The investment will be distributed among different expenses you will be encountering from the start of this franchising opportunity. The first one you will be paying up to for is the franchising fee. Upon agreeing with the company’s terms and conditions, you will be asked to give them $30,000 for the franchising fee. The contract that you have signed with the company will last you up to five years. It may be renewed upon expiry. Also, you would have to give them 5% of your total sales as the on-going royalty fee.

What’s great about this business is that you can easily join in without much financial qualifications. Ledo Pizza will accept a franchisee without proofs of net worth and liquefied cash. Thus, many are suitable for this opportunity if they are interested. The one thing that they would really want to see from you is a general business experience. That is but natural because you will be entering a food business, and your market are people from various backgrounds. And your task as a franchisee is to attract more customers who will trust your food restaurant under Ledo Pizza. They would want to see if you can really continue Ledo Pizza’s legacy in your own franchising unit.

But if you are lacking with skills in the specific field of business, no need for you to worry because they will be sending you to lots of intense trainings in their headquarters, in your location, and more other training opportunities during operations. You are lucky to have joined a company such as Ledo Pizza because they would assure you with all the support you might need throughout your contract with them. You will be regularly informed and updated with the current trends, news, and issues in the business through newsletters, meetings, and websites. The company representatives will not leave you totally because they would be behind you during the introduction of safety and security procedure, field operations, and many more. The purchasing cooperatives would assist you as well in all of your queries and difficulties within the food business.

Once you are already awarded with your own franchising unit, you will need at least 40 employees to start your operations. And if you feel that another unit would help you more, you would be encouraged to acquire another unit under your name. Ledo Pizza allows its franchisees to have more than one franchising unit as long as it is not under absentee ownership.


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