Are You Monitoring Employee Email

Organizations around the glob literally fight over the reasons of lost productivity. They are in catch22situation about this paramount issue. How internet kills precious work time? It is the main reason that monitoring employees' emails are common now.

Ethically monitoring may not be a fair deal but not doing so too wouldn’t solve any purpose. Perhaps it is invading the privacy of employees which can’t be justified.

Cases of internet misuse by employees are often brought into limelight. Practically monitoring or placing sensible limit in internet use and total monitoring of emails by employers may look an option for empowering organizations and their productivity but ethically it doesn’t look sound. Corporate liability is good but unnecessary censuring creates uninvited doubt in the workers of an organization. Main apprehension is misuse of vital information by employees. Some restriction is genuine but total censuring may develop insecurity in employees. Its result can be detachment from workplace. Worst impact for long run is employee retention issues.

Why to Monitor Emails

There are various factors that bound employers to monitor the emails of their employees. Most important factor is using emailing as a tool for peer harassment. Cases of sexual harassment or demand for unnecessary favor can’t be ruled out in the absence of monitoring. Other misuses of unmonitored internet usage in offices can be unauthorized access of pornography and developing culture of forwarding offensive mails to the opposite sex.

Why Not to Monitor

Although monitoring emails solve the purpose of eradicating unfair emailing practices but such restriction practice is a violation of one’s privacy which creates opposite impact and henceforth productivity goes down rather than improving. Perhaps these are major factors of internet monitoring that prove serious threat to organizations. Monitoring emails also lessen enthusiasm of workers due to lack of confidence emerging out of insecurity from regular vigilance. Some employees may even fail to perform duties in such typical conditions and their creative tempo goes down under the influence of regular suspicion.

Uninvited Problems

Worst impact of monitoring employee emails and their activities can be incorporated as part of HR policies of organizations for systematizing its workforce but business and ethical problems arising from this restriction. There can be strong email monitoring policy for employees but how feasible it would prove is necessary to understood through proper research.

Implementing strong monitoring policy with having consent of entire workforce in organizations definitely has greater impact. They can use some software for limiting access of unauthorized sites and in the meantime employees too should be made aware of this strategy that their activities are well watched. Monitoring emails has both positive and negative impact. Giving enough room to employees for working with freedom is important.


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