Arranging Employee Birthday Parties

Celebrating the birthdays of your employees is an excellent way to keep them motivated. Employees appreciate such acts and you can expect them to do better in their work.

You can arrange for the parties every month to minimize costs and you can also give simple birthday tokens. Organize committees to divide the tasks to ensure more fun during the party.

Arranging Employee Birthday Parties Every Month

Keeping employees happy is very important and one way to do that is by arranging employee birthday parties. Because of the economic slump, a lot of employees are worrying about losing their jobs and their daily expenditures. Employers can enhance the production or output of their employees by finding ways to ease their minds. There are many ways to motivate your employees like giving 3-day weekends, giving your employees some extra time, take-home work, birthday day-off, and providing a flexible work environment. One of the most important occasions is the birthday so it would help if you celebrate your employees’ birthday.

You already have the personal data of your employees and all you have to do now is to get the birthdates. Since one or more employees will be celebrating their birthdays in a month, it would be best to arrange for monthly birthday parties. For instance, you can schedule the birthday party at the end of every month. All employees celebrating their birthdays for the month should be given tokens as a remembrance of the party. You can make the party simple or extravagant depending on how much you’re willing to spend for the party.

Some Tips on Arranging Employee Birthday Parties

Generous employers will surely not hesitate to spend some money on the party but since you will be holding it every month, you may need to minimize the costs. The cheapest will be to hold the party during coffee break and serve snacks rather than opting for main meals. The party can be held in one room of the office. Set up decorations and a birthday streamer where you will put all the names of employees celebrating their birthdays for the month. Snacks can save you a lot of money because you can simply serve burgers, drinks, fries, and other light foods.

Preparing for the party in advance can save you time and energy. You can designate the tasks like preparing the snacks, decorations, and other matters to different departments. Choosing the tokens should be done by the employer so that you can give it a personal touch. Tokens can be mugs, pens, desk organizer, and other reasonably priced items. Arranging for birthday parties is really easy and you can do it as well. You must do it advance so that you have plenty of time for buying the tokens, preparing the menu, and shopping for party supplies. Celebrating the birthdays of your employees can keep them motivated throughout the year and you can expect better performance.


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