Drafting Temporary Employee Contract

Owners of business who need to hire employees should first make a draft of their employee contract. This is necessary so that you inform the employee about the duties and responsibilities involved as well as other important matters.

You will need to help of experts like lawyers who know a great deal about employment laws.

Drafting Temporary Employee Contract – The Contents

When drafting a temporary employee contract, you will need the help of a qualified and reputable lawyer who knows a great deal about employment law. It is vital that you protect the business by specifying the responsibilities and duties of employees and the only way to do that is by drafting the employee contract. The contract contains promises about responsibilities, salary, promotion, and other related info. Just in case there are additional considerations in the future about benefits or expenses, it should be set in writing so that the employer and its employees will know what the contract stipulates.

Regardless of the nature of your business, you should have your own employee contracts. This is the best way to make your employees understand about your expectations as their employer. This can prevent potential lawsuits and future problems. The employment contract will include the duties of the employees, employment duration, reimbursement, compensation, employer’s loyalty and interests, conflicting products or employment, intellectual property rights, solicitation, return of company documents and material, criminal offense conviction, termination, employee disability, reasons or options to end employment, and other important matters.

Drafting Temporary Employee Contract – Having Two Contracts

The employment contract can also vary depending on the employee that will sign the contract. For instance, the drafted contract for regular employees should be different from the contract of top level management or executives. The above-mentioned contents are usually drafted for regular employees but in the case of top management or executives, it can include items on non competition or confidentiality, stock options, sign-on bonus, incentive compensation, automobile allowance, relocation allowance, company benefits, job performance, reimbursement, etc. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can easily create the drafts of these employment contracts. Hiring a lawyer can be an extra cost but it’s a worthy investment because it’s one way to protect the business from unscrupulous employees.

You can use the internet to look for reputable lawyers who are knowledgeable enough about employment laws. Look for the one who lives near your area so that you can schedule an appointment. There is another option for you – you can look for sites that offer downloadable drafts of employee contracts. The internet is an excellent source of sample drafts that you can customize to suit your needs. Still, you can benefit greatly if you have a professional working closely with you. Choose your options now so that you can start drafting the contracts prior to hiring your employees. Try to have two contracts – one for regular employees and the other for top executives.


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